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Does anyone know how USA compares to Mexico re: drug abuse?


What is the extent of drug abuse that is known in the USA?

I tried to find this out so thought I'd try this again because with Mexico

right next door, and lots of ports available, then I'd think drugs would

be very easy to procure.

Does anyone have info. about this?

I like to know if this situation is increasing or stable.

USA is a very big, major country and the degree of drug use will impact

many things not only in this country.

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    Mexico is the one who supplies the USA with most of their drugs. The drugs come all the way from Columbia, in South America where the drug cartels are in control. The whole thing is horrible and they should have the military stop it, but recently the military was getting involved, however, the drug lords retaliated and beheaded another group of people. The police claim those who were beheaded in several reports were rival drug gangs, but I know for sure a group was beheaded who went to Mexico on a missionary trip. The prayer request for comfort for the families of the victims was in my church prayer list.

    The first group reported about 6 - 8 months ago was 49 who were found lying by the side of the road.

    The group that were missionaries wasn't even reported by the media.

    Just a week or 10 days ago another group was found beheaded.

    That's 3 or 4 groups that were reported and supposedly were rival drug gangs. How the drug use between the two countries compares, I have no idea.

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