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What would you ask a Holocaust survivor?

If you were given the opportunity to meet with a Holocaust survivor what would you ask her/him? Would you ask for more details on his life and experiences? Would you ask about current events? What do you really want to know? What can we learn from him/her?

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    I actually did work at /in a hospital, and had a room full of four persons with the number on their forearms, and they talked all the time, while I was in there, changing beds, and doing my duties, and all I could think of asking them each was; May I get you anything you need, or want now? Really, I felt so bad, as well as shocked at what I heard, all that stuff was way before me, so it was my first exposure to those truths, and I was young, but believed what *they told each other, they were not lying. One wailed all the time for her husband killed in one of the camps, still and it was so *sad.

    Source(s): One lady who was especially open to me, (room had 4 ladies all in 70's then I believe) she rolled up her sleeves and showed me the numbers on her inner fore arm, (the whiter area,) and I felt so bad for her.
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