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Im looking for a longboard i need help.?

I'm looking for a long-board i need help?

Okay, I'm 5'7 125 lbs and i'm looking for a long-board from this site

and im wondering what type of longboard i should get. any ideas?


it will also be my first longboard.

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    a long one

  • 4 years ago

    It relies upon on how plenty you %. for to spend. in case you %. for a great value on a beginners board, a foamie is optimal. in case you purchase an incredible board like a bill Johnson or Rusty it is going to run you 600-700+$ -- i'm doubtful the situation you're surfing. working occasion in case you're surfing the East Coast (S. Florida), you will probably choose for for a chilled shape board. in case you're surfing the West Coast (S. Cal.) you will choose for for a gun for the barrels, finally. (you will come across those words on line and notice diverse shapes, varieties and sizes). Your suitable wager is going to the interior sight surf shops around you to seem at used boards. The surf shop grant you suggestion on long boards and native spots. frequently an prolonged board is a minimum of three inches (plus) taller than you're. A (Donald) Takayama is the suited long board in my view, a minimum of the nicely-prevalent of my 6 boards. Take it sluggish and shop on with it, the water could precise be propose bro... in case you're speaking a pair of highway long board, seem at a Sector 9 40 4' Pin tail.

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