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All men are Rapist nowadays?

Yes, according to the new law:

"...Obama administration's April 4 directive to colleges that, to be compliant with Title IX, they must apply the lowest standard of proof for all college disciplinary proceedings involving sexual harassment (which includes sexual assault): a "preponderance of the evidence standard," which means that there need only be a slight probability that the offense occurred in order to hold the accused (almost always a male for sex offenses) responsible. "

on campuses throughout the country, we face the prospect of academic committees—armed with vague definitions of sexual assault, low standards of proof, and official sanction for the notion that sex under the influence is, ipso facto assault or rape—deciding the fate of students accused of a serious crime.

The new regulations should be seen for what they really are. They are not enlightened new procedures for protecting students from crime. They are a declaration of MARTIAL LAW AGAINST ALL MEN, justified by an imaginary emergency, and a betrayal of the Title IX equity law.


When is this Rape Hysteria will end? When is the Man-hating Sows will satisfied?

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    Actually, what is happening is that universities and colleges are no longer discouraging rape victims from going to the REAL authorities. It used to be that higher ed schools would tell rape victims not to go to the cops, that the college would handle everything. And the rapist might or might not get a slap on the wrist. Most rape victims had to leave the school.

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    Only if you'll agree that all women are sluts.

    You should consider calming down a little.

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    This isn't fresh news really.

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