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Is any brand of dog food safe any more?

Are there any decent dog food brands out there that have not been recalled? I was thinking about the above average dog food brands so I was looking them up and found that many good brands have been recalled this year. Taste of the Wild, Canidae, Kirklands, Wellness, Solid Gold, Natural Balance and Blue Buffalo.


@ EH. I did read the reviews and I know that most of the recalls were voluntary and no food was actually contaminated. I am not condemning all dog foods. I feed my dog Diamond Naturals and will until I feel it is necessary to change. It is just becoming a huge risk to eat any more...for dogs and humans.

Update 2:

I know anything at anytime can be recalled. Meats, eggs, milk and vegetables are recalled. It is becoming alarmingly frequent with human and pet foods. My question was is there any decent dog food out there that has never been recalled?

Update 3:

@ Olympic Spirit...thank you for understanding the question and giving me a good answer. I researched Orijen and saw that they have never been recalled.

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    I have been feeding my dogs Orijen and the only recall I have heard of was in Australia quite some time ago. I personally have never had a problem with the food and my dogs absolutely love it. The sad thing is even top brands can have recalls due to poor judgment of something or a mistake. It's a scary thing.

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    Almost every brand has been recalled, and multiple times. Quality control is a big deal to me. I don't want to feed a food that is constantly being fvcked up.

    Ziwipeak is the only brand I know of at the moment that hasn't had a recall. I'm sure there's more but I don't bother looking up dog foods anymore

    I much prefer to feed my dog a prey model raw diet. I feed this to both my cat and dog. I save money and I know exactly where their food comes from, straight from farms and hunters. I also know exactly what my pets are eating. When I toss my dog a deer rib, I know she's eating deer. When feeding a bag of "chicken" kibble, it may actually be made with some other meat. There have been pet food recalls due to false labeling of ingredients that weren't actually in the food.

    I personally like knowing my pet's source of food and what they are eating. Animal food regulations are just too low for me to trust someone else to make my pet's food for me.

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    If you bothered to actually READ about the recalls, some of the dog food brands you listed were NOT affected, they were simply MADE at the plant where OTHER foods made for OTHER companies, did have problems. (That's NOT the same thing.)

    Out of an abundance of caution, the FDA required that dog foods like Natural Balance (and only that MADE at the specific packing plant) be recalled - due concerns, but when the product was tested, NO contamination was found. Do more reading, before you condemn all dog foods.

    Source(s): 28 yrs in dogs; 14 yr vet tech
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    Anything at anytime can be recalled, including people food, different products, baby items, cars, etc. I don't go by whether a dog food has ever been recalled or not, I go with what I want to feed my dogs, and if a problem comes up, I'll deal with it. Yes, I feed Taste of the Wild and will continue to. The food that I had bought at the time of the last recall wasn't involved anyway. Nothing in life is 100% sure except for death and taxes.

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    The higher quality foods, such as Blue Buffalo, Canidae (sp?), By Nature, etc are all safe. The recall refers to canned/pouched wet food, by the way, which shouldn't be the main source of food, anyways.

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    My vet who I've been seeing for 13 years gave me a long list,

    Acana, blue buffalo, California natural, canidae, evo, innova,merricks, orijen, precise, solid gold, taste of the wild,avoderm, eukenuba,natural balance, purina pro plan,royal canin,wellness, Kirkland chicken and rice, Kirkland lab and rice,natures domain,nutro,purina one.

    Source(s): Brookside Veterinarian Hospital
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    Julie pretty much hit the nail on the head.

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