Mum arrested for driving whilst drunk?

My mum is an alcoholic however she refuses to admit it. Last week she left her loser husband of 5 years (I'm not sure why). I can't ask him what happened because he moved to Australia yesterday. A few days later she ran out of booze and drove down the store to get more. She was pulled over and blew over the limit. She was arrested and will be charged with drunk driving. I'm so angry that she did this, she is a teacher and I guess her career is screwed over one stupid decision. She doesn't know that I know about this and I'm not sure whether or not to tell her I know. I want to ring her and go absolutely mental at her however I'm not sure how she'll react. She always plays the blame game and will try to convince people that it's not her fault. I live in New Zealand and she is a Permanent Resident (eligible but never applied for citizenship), is there a risk of her being deported? I live 700km away from her so I can't go and talk to her in person.

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    she will get a warning and then the next time she will be deported

  • 8 years ago

    You cannot get deported over a DUI in New Zealand. Also, if you are a permament resident you are under protection of citizen laws. And we all know how hard NZ can be when it comes to deporting people. Kim Dotcom....

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    4 years ago

    Are you asserting that he wasn't over the criminal decrease and had no longer been using his vehicle? Or are you asserting he have been using and became over the criminal decrease and the police did no longer get closer him until he became at domicile with the vehicle on the strain? If he's responsible of drink using and it took the police a whilst to get closer him, then i anticipate he gave a blood pattern and from that the police could have the means to artwork out what his blood alcohol ranges could have been an hour in the past, if it took them an hour to get closer him. they are able to additionally tell if a vehicle has been used very those days via warmth engine, and that i anticipate it became seen or how could they have prevalent the place to circulate? If he's thoroughly harmless, then this could be shown via his unfavorable blood try. If he became inebriated, yet no longer using then he will could teach it. If the vehicle have been pushed then he could tell the police who became using. That pronounced, on the top of the day it is the prosecution's activity to show his guilt. i visit assert in spite of the undeniable fact that, lots of youthful drivers do generally lie approximately drink using... in spite of each thing, it is going to propose dropping their license if stumbled on responsible!

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