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Christians do you realize that Atheists have beat you at everything including sports?

Kim Jong-il, an Atheist is both the inventor of Golf and the world's greatest Golfer. Before his untimely he had a putting average 100 %, meaning he scored 18 hole in ones on 18 holes on every game he played.


Al, you are wrong, our former fearless leader Kim Jong-il dominated everything, and now his perfect offspring Kim Jong-un, dominates everything and everyone!

Update 2:

Jeannie, no, but his perfect offspring Kim Jong-un, is the inventor of Basketball world's greatest Basketball player. Michael Jordan, wouldn't play basketball with him because he was scared that the all powerful Kim Jong-un, would crush him and send him back to his evil capitalist home land in humiliation.

Update 3:

Lady Jαydën's ♥Aunt♥, AFA, that sounds like an insult to Kim Jong-il and his perfect offspring Kim Jong-un. You must die!

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    So true, thankfully Kim Jong-un has blessed us with favourable weather recently.

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    lol...what dream world do you live in? you have a computer in front of a little googling and look up the origins of golf.

    kim jong il was 69 years old when he died. golf has been being played for over 200 years. he didnt invent it.

    plus, the story is that he got 11 hole in ones on an 18 hole golf course. but no one except his own body guards saw that happen, so it is not very widely accepted or believed as truth since they would have been killed by him if they did not agree to his story.

    better wake up and take a good look around you.

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    Judging by appearances, I would have thought that the only sport either Kim Jong-il or Kim Jong-un would dominate would be eating contests.

    I don't know - is it me? When † ♥ † RULES! describes his little fantasy of what he wishes awaits atheists, and the eternal punishment his supposedly "just" god hands out for the finite" crime" of not kissing sufficient god-*** for 70 years or whatever... well, can't you just hear the fapping?

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    Wow, so golf is the only sport there is?

    Here's what the USGA Museum says about the issue:

    "While many Scots firmly maintain that golf evolved from a family of stick-and-ball games widely practiced throughout the British Isles during the Middle Ages, considerable evidence suggests that the game derived from stick-and-ball games that were played in France, Germany and the Low Countries."

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  • What is it with evil dictators wanting to be Scots - Idi Amin claiming to be the last king of Scotland and now this claim (if true) that Kim Jong-il invented golf? As a Scot should I be worried?

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    I comprehend that, i individually think of maximum Christians are no longer conservatives or Republicans. i think of the 80s whilst Falwell and the Christian precise arose to skill incredibly lots created this distorted view of Christians usually. Now we get to be certain the effects. I blame the evangelicals for it. they're the perfect-wing Republicans. it relatively is a stereotype that is going to be annoying to get rid of. there are various Christian liberals like Jim Wallis and dissimilar Democrats are Christians. i individually don't have something against conservatives or Republicans. i'm no longer a liberal (additionally understand that there are stereotypes of atheists being liberal/democrat). I form of lean conservative on some themes and that i'm no longer a Democrat. Stereotypes suck yet what are you able to do? with a bit of luck, those human beings will learn as they commute and work together extra with others.

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    Sorry, cupcake, but Kim Jong-Il was the 'high priest' of the cult of personality around his father, Kim Il-Sung, and promoted a view of himself as equally god-like....and since his death, like his father (who was named Eternal President), he has been named to "eternal" posts as the Eternal General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and Eternal Chairman of the National Defense Commission

    That's not really very atheist, cupcake...sorry to break it to you. I know that mean-spiritedly associating atheists with everyone you don't like is a favorite game of some bigo...ooops...I mean of folks like you...but in this case, the dude you're trying to impose on us is considered kind of a deity himself.

    So that would be a fail for you.

    Spaceboy - LOL, they'll have to catch me first, darling!

  • 8 years ago's only just the third have not won, oh and btw Canada has never won anything without the help of neighbors. How many wars has she won?

    I'm tired of atheist BS. You may have the day in your pocket, but you have won nothing.

    If my comment on Canada is wrong, please enlighten me. I have never heard of Canada winning any wars???....

    What has Canada ever won that was a global event, except maybe a syrup competition?

    uhhhh I can answer that....nothing. If America was gone there would be NO Canada. So kiss my *** Canada, eh did he say that? Yes I did.

    Canada has NEVER beatin' anyone at anything serious. Your question is a joke, right? America would hand Canada it's own ***, and Great Britain would mop up the syrup.....seriously are you an idiot or what? You obviously have no knowledge of historic or sport history

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    8 years ago

    Did,nt you see the North Korean athletes break every record in every event taking every Gold. They are a truely great people.

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    Pretending to 'believe' in god so the ignorant masses don't want to rape and kill you is the basis for christianity. Athletes agents aren't dumb. They want that money!

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