French translation and pronounciation (S'il vous plaît / Sil vous plait)?

I would like to learn a bit of french so have been trying to learn the basics from websites I've come across but have been having a bit of trouble.


S'il vous plait = please

S'il vous plaît = excuse me (formal)

According to different websites apart from a little symbol (above the i) in the last word the two phrases are spelt and pronounced exactly the same yet mean different things

(could someone correct me on this or explain the difference between the two)


I would like to know how to pronounce how to say the following -

Je suis originaire de l'Australie

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    (1) The little thing over the i is called a circumflex accent, and it is required in correctly-written French. Your two sentences ARE identical, the first one is simply written incorrectly. The "formality" is indicated by the word "vous" (you, formal). This is a very common way to say "please", but if you were talking to an individual with whom you were friendly, you might also say "s'il te plaît".

    (2) zh' sweez_orizhinaire d' lohstrahLEE (phonetic transcription approximate)

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