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Mikey asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationHunting · 7 years ago

Revolver vs. Semi-auto Pistol?

what would u prefer?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I've never seen any revolver with more then 10 shots, and that's the Ruger Single Ten in .22 LR..... But anyways both have positives and negatives and both work for self defense. It really comes down to preference and what your planning on fighting off. Large predators or bad guys.

    But anyways Revolvers are typically 5 or 6 shots for larger calibers like a .357 or a .44 and up to 10 for small .22lr. Yes they have limited capacity and reloading takes longer then a semi auto. The pro's of the revolver is that they can handle more powerful round then a typical Semi Auto, have a fixed barrel that helps with inherent accuracy, are extremely simple to operate with no safeties to deal with ( Double Action, pull trigger bang ) and if they jam not only is it almost un heard of, but due to something wrong with the actual gun not bad ammo or the ejector not gripping the casing among other possible semi auto jams.

    Semi Auto's can be anything from 5 +1 shots to 33 rounds for a typical pistol! Glock has 33 round Magazines for their 9mm that stick out over a foot from the bottom of the grip. Then Kel Tec has the .22 Magnum that holds 30 rounds flush with the bottom! They can be smaller and much flatter then a Revolver because the ammo is in the grip not in a cylinder in the middle of the gun, and can be reloaded in a couple seconds with a second magazine. Con's is that they ammo per size is generally not as powerful as a Revolver, many have a barrel that is not directly attacked to the frame which can effect accuracy in the tiniest amount, and of course that they can jam.

    And many modern semi autos do not jam like some older and cheaper ones do. Glocks, Sigs, S&W's, Kahr, Ruger, Springfield, hell even Taurus semi autos are getting very good. But it's a fact some semi autos do not like certain ammo. Tulu Ammo for example will not feed in my friends Hi Point .40, yeah a cheap gun and cheap ammo but both very common. My Kel Tec P-11 would not feed any hollow points I tried, again a cheap but common gun. You have a lot more moving parts that have to work correctly and that's why you can get jams. But even better qualty guns can jam with all the moving parts, and you need to be able to clear them.

    My M&P with 3,000 rounds through it over the years has jammed probably 10 times max. That's under ideal conditions, cleaned after every session at the range, fresh oil, no pocket lint or dust from carrying it around. That's not having cleaned it 10 months ago with no fresh oil and a ton of dust and dirt from carrying it around for ever. Still highly unlikely to jam, but it can happen and that's why revolvers are still popular.

    Anyways back to your question... I prefer and carry a Semi Auto around, M&P 9c, this one unlike my full size has only 300 rounds through it and no jams during in break in. Used to carry a Revolver in .357, but the M&P Carries double the ammo and is similar but less powerful then the .357. I'm more accurate with it to thanks to nice sights compared to the stub nose Taurus.

  • 3 years ago

    I will offer you a simple straight reply! I have a couple of! They are in exceptional areas in my house! My first choose,is a Tokarev T-54! The place I sleep is a 38 S&W Colt. If it gets worse than that,i'm a horrible shot and can carry out the Mossy 12 ga,which is normally loaded with 00 buck! Seriously,it can be a matter of individual alternative! You will have your own selection after experience with the gun. I for my part like revolvers,but i have a number of semi-auto pistols as well. Now to answer your question,i might a lot opt for to have six shots,that i do know will work,than eight-30 that will fireplace from the semi-auto pistol!

  • Chris
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    7 years ago

    I prefer autos.

    The reliability myth about revolvers is rediculous. I have glocks with over 10,000 rounds, limited cleaning and zero malfuctions. Many times, I have run 30+ students through 500-1000 rounds each in a day and not seen a single problem.

    But if we want to get techinical. Revolvers stop working ever 5-6 rounds. Sure, if you have a speed loader you can be fast. But even the fastest wheel gun shooter in the world can't shoot 18 rounds faster than a half competent auto owner can unload a single mag.

    So for defense, it is an easy choice, and one every competent military and police unit in the world made a long, long time ago.

    However, cowboy action shooting is cool, the guns themselves are often cool. The history is very interesting and so on. If you love revolvers and are drawn to them, then they are better for you personally.

    But you asked what I would prefer, so the answer is simple. Hanguns for me, personally, are an extremely important part of my self defense plan, so it is semi auto all day.

  • 7 years ago

    Well a lot of folks will say revolvers never fail which has been true up to about 40-50 years ago when semis started to become very reliable.

    The fact is when semis jam, most of the time it can be resolved by simply racking in a new round.

    Now revolvers tend to be very reliable but there's really two issues the first is the limited capacity and second is the reloading. Most revolvers top at 7-8 shots while some smaller calibers tend to top out at 12-16. There are some really weird "super revolvers" that can shoot 20+ rounds but for the most part they are not good looking or portable.

    The next problem with revolvers is the fact that should it jam, most of the time it cannot be fixed on the field. It happens very rarely but it can happen. So you really got nothing.

    Overall I would choose a semi for the fact that it has more capacity, and the fact that jams can be easily fixed should it happen.

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  • 7 years ago

    It depends on what I'm using it for. For home defense, give me a revolver. Preferably a Smith and Wesson 686. It's more reliable and I won't need that many shots for home defense. That's what the shotgun is for. The revolver is just for backup. For self defense, give me a pistol. The reason that I prefer a pistol for self defense is that you're more likely to encounter multiple attackers when outside of your home than when you're at home. It's also your only weapon, so more ammo is necessary. Of course, if my life depends on it, I want a Glock 21 (I don't really like the compacts, I'd rather carry a bigger gun just because it fits in my hand better). For target shooting, give me a pistol. More shots means less reloading, which means more shooting. Pistols are easier for me to grip. I don't know if others feel the same way, however. If I had to pick, Kimber. Enough said.

    So it all depends on what it's being used for.

  • 7 years ago

    While I prefer Auto pistols, my next purchase will be a revolver however. Depends what you are looking for in a gun.

  • 7 years ago

    Honestly, I love my revolvers. I have no objection to semi but my feeling is I may only have 5 shots but I know i can get them off without a problem. Maintenance is near a non issue and they are easy to clear (unless you work for TSA apparently)

    BTW...my revolvers are from my dad and grandfather. You cant break them

  • WC
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    7 years ago

    Without a doubt, semi-autos.

  • 7 years ago

    Whichever one is close to hand which will get the job done. I tend to gravitate towards autos if given a choice simply based upon capacity and methodology of reload, but either one will do.

  • MARK
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    7 years ago

    Revolvers. I don't have any semi-auto.

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