i have ssd drive running my windows but i wana save all my stuff on a normal hdd how do i do that?

so everytime i save sumthign it goes straight to my ssd but i only g ot 60 gb and i also have installed my 1 tb hdd , ssd is runnnin windows and hdd is for storage so what can i do to just make my ssd run windows and thats it

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  • doug v
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    8 years ago
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    I don't know anything about symbolic links, but if it is at all complicated there is another way that's fairly easy. The reason saves automatically go to the SSD is that's the default location, since that's where the OS is. But if, as you say, the spinner is installed, Windows will know about it and show it with an assigned drive letter (C:\ is taken by the SSD, and D:\ could be Restore, E:\ could be DVD, or those two could be reversed , but F:\, G\:, H\:, etc, one should be the 1TB spinner). Create folders on the big drive for your files, and for things like My Pictures, My Music, etc, right-click on each, one at a time (find them in Users\your name) and select Properties at the bottom, then click on 4th tab Location. It'll say C:\ - just change each to the new drive letter (F:\, G:\, H:\, etc) then click Apply & OK. These will then become the default location for each folder.

    Alternatively, you can just create duplicate folders on the HDD and each time you save, use Save As... and save to the appropriate folder. But although this is easier initially, you'll have to continue this, whereas if you change the defaults you have to change each one only once. Questions?

    PS: This is how my laptop is set up - not only OS, but all programs on the SSD, all media files - music, pix, video, docs, on the HDD. Win 7 boots to desktop in :25 and programs all open instantly - no measurable seek time. The HDD is fast enough for files (even HD video).

    Source(s): 20 years PC experience
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  • 8 years ago

    I would make something called Symbolic links.


    Symbolic Links on the basic level, make a pseudo directory/folder that actually saves to another folder somewhere else. I do this to store and access my game saves on my external hard drive. Programs are still able to access the files via Symbolic Links. Hopefully that Wikipedia page will help you with everything.

    If you do not understand, you can contact me on how to make Symbolic Links, since it can be tedious/confusing.

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