What are some good 1990's - 2000's shows i could watch?

Looking for some good old tv shows to pass the time. Something similar to the type of shows down here.

Alien thrillers like fist wave or tracker.

Futuristic thrillers (or just plain butt kicking) like dark angel

Suspense thrillers like dead zone

Military/spy thrillers like la femme nikita and sevens days.

If its got less drama and more fighting, i'll take it. (no new age crap please)

I highly appreciate any answers. Thank you for the time.

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  • Rose D
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    7 years ago
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    The X-Files


    Space: Above and Beyond

    Earth 2


    Harsh Realm

    Dead Like Me


    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The Invisible Man

    John Doe

    Harper's Island

    The 4400


    The New Outer Limits

    Alien Nation

    Stargate SG-1



    Dark Skies

    Nowhere Man

    G vs E


    Now and Again

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