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Why does impact wrestling ??

Think Austin Aries is a bigger star than aj styles

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    8 years ago
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    AJ Styles is suffering from the John Cena- Itis where he has been doing the same exact thing forever and well people just don't care anymore.

    The real question is do the people in charge of Impact not realize that Hogan ruined ever single angle he decided to get involved in? Aces and 8's is a joke. Why did it take important tv time away from Robert Roode who was on fire as the World Champion? Why is James Storm not a big deal right now?

    Think about this......when Sting was doing the respect angle a few years went nowhere but when CM Punk does it on Raw it is over and he is the top heel of the promotion?

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  • AJ Styles has won everything there is for him to win in TNA, but he did not win The Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Tile like Austin Aries did. Austin Aries in fact is the only 2-Time ROH World Heavyweight Champion. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Desmond Wolfe, Samoa Joe, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Kevin Steen, Nigel McGuinness and Roderick Strong cannot make that same claim.

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