fishing: what guide to hire at hawks cay resort?

we are going to hawks cay and are wondering if anyone knows which guide down their is the best, we do not want to spend a fortane but we want to have a fun time, we most likely want to go backcountry fishing and possibly wreck fishing. Also where can you go on shore shark fishing around the hawks cay resort?

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  • gofish
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    8 years ago
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    Yolo, better do your homework! If you're fishing out of Hawks Cay, you ARE gonna spend a fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!. Many of the charter captains have moved there because they get ridiculous prices compared to the guys that fish out of caloosa cove, Bud & Mary's , Robbies & Holiday Isle. You want to do back country, then check out Robbies, Bud & Mary's and Holiday Isle. Bamboo Charters also does back country and shark fishing. He fishes out of La Siesta Marina. I don't know of any place you can shark fish from shore. If you want specific info or some names or #'s, e-mail me.

    Source(s): Spend alot of time in that area fishing.
  • barbe
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    4 years ago

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