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Daily life of a Marine Officer?

So im planning to become a marine officer through PLC. I was just wondering however, what will my daily life be like after i graduate OCS? Would i just be stationed at a camp and do whatever the enlisted do until i get deployed? If i do get deployed, am i in the front lines with the Marines i lead or do i just give orders? Also do officers choose an MOS? If they do, i was considering infantry as one. Plus, do officers get the opportunity to join Force Reconnaissance or MARSOC? Scouting the enemies for intelligence before our troops go in intrigues me.

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    A PLC Officer Candidate graduates OCS(PLC Seniors or the PLC 10 week Combined Course) during the summer between junior and senior years of college. His daily life after he graduates OCS will be as a senior at his college. On graduating college and commissioning, his daily life will be waiting for a slot at TBS(The Basic School.) When that opens up, he goes active duty and spends the next six months at TBS, located at Camp Barrett, Quantico. On applying for the PLC the choices are Ground Officer, Naval Aviator(Pilot), Naval Flight Officer(Navigator) and JAG( Law School Students.) Ground Officer MOS' are selected/assigned at TBS after commissioning. Platoon Leaders, 2nd/1st Lieutenant or Captain, lead from the front. Officers are not Scout/Snipers.

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    That would depend on your MOS, which you can put in for, but ultimately it`s up to the Corps. Ask this on leatherneck.com, they can help you, Marines there.

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