Can I transfer highschools still?

Im currently a 10th grader (sophomore) at this high-school and i want to transfer. Is it too late? I want to transfer because i feel like my school isn't rigorous enough. I go to a bummy highschool where the only AP class they offer for sophomores is Algebra 2/Trig which what mostly every 10th grader already takes. Basically only advanced math and college now classes. I go want to transfer to Academy for American Studies in Long Island City. I already currently attend a highschool in Long Island City called Robert F. Wagner which isn't all that good. Is there anyway at all to transfer?

P.S. I attend HS in New York City


I feel like when I apply to colleges, my application wouldn't stand out as much because I didn't take many advanced classes.

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    If you are currently in 10th grade, then it IS too late to transfer.

    The NYC Dept. of Education has very strict rules on transfers.

    Once you have passed September of 10th grade, you can only transfer if you have been assaulted at school or have a commute of more than 90 minutes each way! (And to transfer IN September of 10th grade, you had to apply in December of 9th grade.)

    The only other option are the "transfer schools" which are for kids who are in real trouble in the high school - violence, drug abuse, pregnancy, jail, or so few credits, they could never hope to graduate on time. You DON'T want to go to a transfer school, believe me!!!!

    Source(s): I'm a NYC public school teacher.
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    You and a parent need to discuss this matter with a counselor at your high school.

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