Pokemon ev training questions?

I am confused about ev training.

What does it mean when someone says this?

252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

Does this mean to battle 252 pokemon that give out attack 1 attack evs, 4 pokemon that give 1 defense ev, and 252 pokemon that give out 1 special attack ev? What do each of the numbers mean/represent? Do the numbers mean that you must obtain 252 evs for attack, 4 evs for defense, and 252 evs for special attack?

From what I know, to raise a stat by 1 requires 4 evs. So, if you get 252 evs for a particular stat (let's say attack), then does that mean that you can add 63 more points to the pokemon's attack stat compared to a pokemon who wasn't ev trained in the attack stat?

I have one more question.

252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

In the above, there is a 4 before the defense stat. Why would you only want to get 4 evs in the defense stat? Wouldn't that just raise the defense stat by 1 (because 1 stat = 4 evs) ? Would getting 1 more defense stat point make that big a difference?

So basically, I just want to know what the numbers represent.

Oh and one more question.

You know how when a pokemon uses a stat changing move such as swords dance? It says that the pokemon's attack is raised "sharply". What does that even mean? Whenever I use that move during a battle, I check to see my pokemon's stats to see if my attack was actually boosted but its stats remain the same. By how many points does the attack of a pokemon go up by if the pokemon uses swords dance (and other stat changing moves)?

Sorry for the length. I'm a total noob in pokemon so help me out here :)

Thanks for your time!


Thank you @Iggy and @Tennyson :)

@Iggy, thanks for your detailed answer! It must have taken you a long time to write that. Thank you for your time! Your information was very helpful :)

@Tennyson, as for the spe, lol I think you're right! It means speed. oops! So one "stage" is twice as much as the original stat? and two "stages" is four times as much as the original stat? wow! that's powerful! Thanks for the info! Great answer!

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    First off, when someone says something like 252 Att / 4 Def / 252 Sp. Att, this means that the current Pokemon you are training has an effort value, (EV) of 252 in Att and Sp. Att and 4 in Def. The maximum amount of EV's a Pokemon can have in one skill is 255, and the max number of total EV's a Pokemon can have is 510, meaning you can only get two stats up to 255 when EV training.

    When EV training, you first want to find the Pokemon you want to train, and fight certain Pokemon that give those EV's when training, however, before you do that, you want to level up your Pokemon's chosen skill.

    HP Up = +HP |

    Protein = +Atk |

    Iron = +Def |

    Calcium = +Sp Atk |

    Zinc = +Sp Def |

    Carbos = +Spd

    When you add any of these to your Pokemon, (you want to add the ones that will raise the skill you want to EV train with, not the other ones,) you'll notice that it will yield 10 EV's in that current skill. You can do this up to ten times, yielding a maximum of 100 EV's in the skill you want your Pokemon to specialize in. After this, you want to train said Pokemon on either wild Pokemon or with trainers that have Pokemon that yield the EV's that you are training. (Only train on Pokemon that gives you EV's in the stat you are training, not other Pokemon.)

    Here is a list of Pokemon and there EV yield.


    There is also a very rare Pokemon disease called Pokerus that you can obtain from wild Pokemon. Basically, it doubles the amount of EV's your Pokemon would normally get, (such as getting 2 speed EV's from a Magikarp instead of the usual one,) but Pokerus isn't a permanent disease. In order to keep Pokerus, I suggest that once you find it, and put the Pokemon in your party so it can infect them. Then I would box the remaining Pokemon in the box and train the Pokemon that I want to EV train so that you can keep the virus.

    And when a move like swords dance is activated, it gives a temporary boost of the skill, however, when it says "sharply" increased or decreased, it just took the effect of two "normal" stat changing moves instead of one. (Meaning that Swords Dance raises the attack the same amount as two Howls would.)

    And one more thing, it is not recommended that you EV train your main Pokemon team unless you are early in the game because a Pokemon's stats are essentially its EVs, and since you will be battling a wide variety of Pokemon, your main party team's EV's aren't going to be great for online battling.

    Source(s): Been playing Pokemon for years.
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    First things first, look here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok...

    Just go and take out the pokemon with the EV you want raised with the pokemon whose EV you want raised. You don't have to take out 252 pokemon for your Atk EV. It just has to add up to 252 EV. And, yes, I think your comparison example is pretty much correct. Also, I'm pretty sure Spe should mean speed

    A pokemon's EVs can only reach the max total of 510. 252 EV is required to max out a single stat's EV. So basically, it's common interest to raise the stats that are most important for your pokemon. e.g. If you wanted a tank pokemon, you'd get a pokemon with already good defensive stats and max out its defense and sp.defense EVs, and what's leftover just put it somewhere useful; for a tank>>HP.


    So, swords dance raises a pokemon's Atk stat by two stages. If you look at the chart, if you use it once, it doubles it's original atk stat (so if your pokemon has 50Atk, it turns to 100Atk), use it twice, and it triple it's original Atk stat (50Atk>>150Atk). The max stage increase or decrease is six if starting from zero. The stage changes don't show up in your stats, and they only last until the current pokemon faints, when you switch the current pokemon out (unless you use baton pass, if you do, then the changes carry over to the pokemon you switched in), if the opposing pokemon uses a move that nullifies it, or until the battle your in is over.

    ...I didn't even know a lot of this info till I looked it up. lol

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    "Atk", "def", and "spe" are stats of the pokemon. "Atk" being attack points, "def" being defence points, and "spe" being special points of the pokemon, in this case, Eevee.

    and the use of the word "sharply" simply means 'alot' in this case. So, if Eevee's attack has been raised "sharply," that it's attack has been greatly increased.

    Source(s): I have all of the GBA pkemon games
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