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hi guys i play yugioh in local and regional tournaments and i was wondering if this is a pretty good build?

Note that this is my first deck and i have almost NO cards

heres the deck list guys please help:


kagemusha of the six samurai x3

elder of the six samurai x3

legendary six samurai - kageki x3

hand of the six samurai x1

The six samurai - irou x1

legendary six samurai - kizan x3

legendary six samurai - enishi x1

Grandmaster of the six samurai x2


gateway of the six x1

ascetism of the six samurai x1

shien's smoke signal x2

book of moon x1

heavy storm x1

shien's dojo x3

monster reborn x1

mystical space typhoon x2

dark hole x1

six samurai united x3

reinforcement of the army x1


double-edged sword techniquex2

torrential tribute x1

bottomless trap hole x2

musakani magatama x2

extra deck:

legendary six samurai - shi en x1

stardust dragon x1

scrap dragon x1

shadow of the six samurai - shien x1

number 17: leviathan dragon x1

leviair the sea dragon x1

black rose dragon x1

naturia beast x1

naturia barkion x1

heroic champion excalibur x1

wind-up zenmaines x1

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    It's certainly not too bad, but it has a few things that'll cause a lack of consistency, for example the second Grandmaster can be dead, a second Musakani is often a dead draw, Shien's Dojo is often the same, so much so that I don't run any of them at all. Irou isn't needed as xyz summoning is not at all the aim of this deck, it's all about Synchro summoning. Elder and Kageki both only need to be at 2, whilst they're good cards, they're good because they're part of a combo, if you just draw one of either of them with nothing else it's a terrible card, hence only two of both.

    A few things you need to include are Mind Control to take your opp's monsters and synchro with them, some more draw power through either Maxx "C" or Upstart Goblins, another Torrential Tribute, Fiendish Chains and another Asceticism. All 3 are just too good not to be using.

    Here's my decklist for you to take a look at, and see how you like it.

    This is my decklist which is incredibly consistent:

    Monsters: 13

    Kageki x 2

    Kagemusha x 3

    Elder x 2

    Kizan x 3




    Spells: 18



    Smoke Signal x 2

    United x 3

    Asceticism Of The Six Samurai x 2

    Upstart Goblin x 3

    Monster Reborn

    Dark Hole

    Heavy Storm

    Mind Control

    Book Of Moon

    Mystical Space Typhoon

    Traps: 9

    Fiendish Chain x 2

    Double-Edged Sword Technique x 2

    Solemn Warning x 2

    Torrential Tribute x 2

    Musakani Magatama

    Extra deck: 15

    Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En

    Naturia Beast

    Naturia Barkion


    Gaia Knight

    Black Rose Dragon

    Driven Daredevil

    Scrap Dragon

    Mist Wurm

    Wind-Up Zenmaines

    Acid Golem


    Shadow Of The Six Samurai Shien



    This deck powers through itself with lots of drawing cards and lots of searchers, and all but 5 Monsters can either special summon themselves, or summon another Samurai out with them. This deck focuses on getting out Shi En (The synchro) as soon as possible, with loads of combinations that summon it, and then you can also summon out a Kizan or Grandmaster alongside it. Shien (The xyz) really isn't a very good card, and the only time you would ever want to use it would be to power up a Kageki to 3500 attack, the rest of the time you're far better off with the two level fours still on the field.

    Good luck with it, and if you are on a budget then you don't really need all the extra deck, the rank 5 xyz for example I rarely go in to, and it's not often you want to xyz at all really.

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  • 8 years ago

    Id try and get it to something like that, seemed to work for him at a fairly large event

    Source(s): I play this stupid game too much
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  • 8 years ago

    Put acetisism at two or three and dojo at one or two ...and you need a great shotgun shein

    Source(s): Played six sam
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