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Why do Born Again Christians so easily swayed by the words of a serial killer?

Why don't Born Again Christians wait to get an Official Psychologial Test done to find out whether their beloved serial killers are telling the truth or acting like satan the angel of light.

If any serial killer says the "magic words" , born again christians believe them RIGHT AWAY...even if the serial killers still doen't know why they did their crimes...(the parole board says you MUST know why you do your crimes or else there is NO PROOF that you will not do them again)

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    It was common practice for church members to mention unlikely believers as a sort of trophy for the religion; even a serial killer has turned to Christ for salvation, praise the Lord!

    Source(s): atheist, former Born-Again Christian
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    Probably same reason you believe so many Born Again Christians are so easily swayed by words of a serial killer.

    There are LOT of people who already believe certain things, then just wait to read it somewhere or someone to tell them they were right.

    You know, STUPID people.

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