what is the main purpose for bath salts drug ?

i heard that the stupid drug says that it is not for human consumption, it says that on the pack of the drug, and that's whats protecting it from being illegal, but then why the fu ck is this being sold in convenient stores? whats the main purpose of it if its not for humans? there are people flipping out because of it, and the dumb a55 government won't do sh.!t about it! so i just wanna know whats the main usage for this drug, do u use it to clean toilets, or rub it on skin or something, if it has no specific purpose and people are just buying it to get high, then i think the government is a real dumb a55 for not controlling the drug

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  • Caly
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    8 years ago
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    The drug "bath salts" has no other purpose than to make someone high. It's disguised as real bath salts and labeled "not for human consumption" in order to give the appearance of being legal. While I'm not familiar with Canadian law, I assume it is somewhat similar to U.S. law. The problem with making bath salts illegal is that it is not a single drug the way cocaine or methamphetamine is. It is a family of drugs. So if the government makes one drug illegal, the distributors simply move on to a different drug in the same family that hasn't been made illegal yet. If you take the speed of bureaucracy (a snail's pace) into account, then you can begin to understand why it takes so long to make all "bath salts" illegal. I'm fairly sure the government is trying to control the drug, but they have to come up with a solution that everyone will agree on (not very easy) that will make the entire family of drugs illegal. That's why it is taking so long.

    Source(s): I work in law enforcement.
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  • jb
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    8 years ago

    You answered your own question. They are bath salts, for putting in your bath tub, and not for human consumption. This is of course a legal safeguard for its actual intended purpose.

    As for the government being "dumb", it's not that so much as the suppliers simply offering chemical analogues in response to specifically banned substances. When a specific chemical is banned, the suppliers simply offer a chemically similar alternative.

    The whole thing demonstrates how a "war on drugs" is futile, not that I'm pro-drug.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's bath salts; you use them in a bath. They dissolve in water or something and it makes the water smell like stuff or something. Reason called bath salts: for baths.

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