Can anyone rationally explain to me why I just paid $4.39 a gallon for Diesel ?

When US based oil companies are exporting millions of gallons a day from oil fields located on "Publicly Held Land", and are still receiving subsidies paid by taxpayer dollars.

Don't you agree it's time we held the Oil Companies and, Politicians accountable for taking advantage of us?

This is just plain ridiculous/stupid !!!!

By the way to some of you that will sound cheap, or expensive depending on where your located, I'm in Kansas..


Nostrada, my point exactly.. So than why don't we preclude the exporting of all oil produced on Public Land, while simultaneously eliminating subsidies to those companies that export over 25% of their products ???

Update 2:

Jos, I agree other options are important but, in the meantime???

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  • 8 years ago
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    I can't help but feel that Big Government, and Big Oil are in bed together and the "Unwashed Masses" are getting the shaft while the political elite and oil companies are getting rich.

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    8 years ago

    Oil companies are greedy, plain and simple. They can charge whatever they want because it's something nearly everybody has no choice but to buy. It's cheaper where I live, but still too much. They make billions and billions of dollars every year, and instead of making 10 billion instead of 15 billion to give us all a break, they worry about their own wallets and screw us in the process. They do need to be held accountable, but I think it's more important to find other fuel options, because it's only going to continue to get worse.

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    I've heard diesel engines can run fine off of filtered chip fat (vegetable oil and works with a solution to stop engine build up).

    You also have biodiesel etc.


    Liquid air.

    I also saw on the bbc (UK) about 3am last week that an engineer who has been working for 40 years on finding a new source of fuel has made his car run on liquid air. It went to mention about silos that use this etc. and it showed how it worked with a small motor and him filling up his car on it.



    Electric cars are also an option, although there isn't enough refuel points and with speed etc. it would be better for use in a dense city rather than a good looking cruise car.

    Toyota Prius, Ford fusion etc. Except a manufacturer called Fisker (California) has made an electric sports car that uses solar panels as well as being able to charge it up.


    The other options are there, but until demand goes up or a lot of people start buying/wanting these alternatives then the change will only happen organically.

    I agree It's BS but what can we do.

    Also other people have run diesel cars on single whiskey and in russia, Vodka.

    Source(s): Seen programs and quickly typed this in. Liquid air. (Peter Dearman) Fisker Karma. My computer crashed and I lost everything else I wrote plus other links.
  • 8 years ago

    probably about 1/3rd of the cost of that gallon is due to speculators.

    another thing you encounter is the fact that the gas market is a gloabl market and some nations are willing to pay far more for that gallon than we are here in the usa.

    this is also why drilling more in the usa will do nothing to lower the cost of fuel.

    so, to conclude:

    we GIVE millions of acres of publically owned land to the oil companies for pennies on the dollar - who also, by the way, get billions in taxpayer $$ annually - and there is no guarantee the product they product (thanks to the american infrastructure) they will even sell it in the usa.

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  • 8 years ago

    the revenuers are out of hand again. Public Servants , serve the public last and at a price that enslaves the free.(nongovernmental connected). The social machine has become tyrannical.

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