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Samsung Galaxy Ace - 30 Min Internet a Day Contract - Does turning on Wi-Fi?

My contact for my Samsung Galaxy Ace allows me to use 30 mins of internet a day, if I go over then I will have to pay extra.

The phone allows me to turn Wi-Fi on and off. When the Wi-Fi is turned on, will this count towards internet usage?

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    No, this won't count.

    The internet allowance on your plan is for the mobile internet. This connects to the web via the mobile signal and is totally separate from Wifi.

    The Wifi, as I said, is simply another way to connect to the web. This function allows you to connect via a wifi signal - for example your home broadband. You would be using your home broadband to connect, and any use will count towards your home broadband use, not your mobile allowance.

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  • 8 years ago

    It shouldn't do. I have a Galaxy Ace and my contract only includes texts and calls, NO internet data. I always access internet using WI-FI and have no additional costs for that.

    Wi-Fi is free to use, using 3G/similar on your phone is where you incur charges.

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