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Amanda Todd Who believes Mounties should hunt down the bullies in merciless unceasing pursuit?


If you think it is fun to bully teenage girls lets provide you a chance to try and push the Mounties around

If you think pushing people around is fun the tax payer will provide you and oppurtunity to try and push cops around who will hunt you down find your address and appear at your door so you can try if you like

Every Canadian can simply send the RCMP the comments of the sociopaths of our land and we can begin a data base that ensures unceasing pursuit and an opportunity to show your bully boy and or girl tactics to police

Update 2:


No I am trying to encourage police to hunt these ba--tards down and I am trying to encourage Canadians to make available to the police evidence lists and names via the internet to ensure unceasing pursuit and merciless hunting down and visitation of would be bullies

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    I was bullied, but I got over it without the help of law enforcement, and obviously I didn't kill myself. She should have had a little more common sense. Yes, I've seen the video and as far as I can tell, she brought the majority down on herself. Am I justifying the acts of her peers? God no, what a bunch of @ssholes! But duh, any ret@rd can tell you that posting pics of your b00bies online for some guy is a bad idea. And so is screwing another girl's boyfriend when you knew about it. And for Christ's sake! Why wouldn't she just delete or stay off her facebook? If anyone tortured her, it was herself.

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    You are now trolling dead teen age girls? Classy

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