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Hackers are killing me, how they got my P.W.?

I am suffering 'cause of all hackers from last year. Now I have only 2 accounts, & One day, some hackers locked/changed my 2 email accounts all of a sudden and I couldn't get into my email accounts but I opened it with other way and had to reset my new P.W. One day, hackers deleted my e-mails, I have my record in my account and one day, someone installed *Consersations* in my account **, it has a section *Consersation* under *Inbox* on the screen, it appears on my own computer on my desk only. I didn't install it, a hacker installed into my account and someone acts like my account is his own account, I even went to the police office in S.Korea (I'm in S.Korea right now) but they couldn't help me at all. I'm even losing my health because all hackers are torturing me, they're stressing me out. USA & South Koreans are hurting my own privacy & my family. Your head office could investigate my &, I have recent record in my 2 accounts. I even requested to Vancouver Police Station before but nobody really helped me, you can help me only. Hackers are driving me crazy everyday and it effects my health problem that I have a thyroid sickness over my stress... Sometimes, I change my P.W twice in a day 'cause of hackers but they are playing with my 2 accounts still and they made me to know, they put a note in order me to know that every single time when I change my P.W, they could hack easily every times no matter what. When they came into my email accounts before, they changed my stuffs by themselves and sometime, they freeze my accounts so I couldn't work at all. I'm frustrating, I'm sick 'cause of them and I'm very stressed. Please investigate about my problems. Are you giving them my P.W.? Are you giving my P.W. to the US & S. Korea? Barack Obama is reading my all accounts everyday by some other people because all my prophecy. The White House, Apple Inc, Google, South Koreans and there are many people are hacking my email accounts. I changed my P.W. this morning again but people are still sharing my P.W. and they tried to take/read my writings. I had about over 10 email accounts so far but now I have 2 email accounts and I'm putting into one account. Someone is controlling my email account I wrote over 100 books and wrote Prophecy by God, I wrote many books in my email accounts so far but all hackers are stealing all my writings/records from my email accounts by them hacking and they put my writings/records into their business, their own Social Commerce, their website, e-Books and stuffs. Apple Inc, Google and lots of people on Silicon valley would know about me Gina Lee Shin.'s head office should check What could they see with my ID? I'm suffering over hackers and police officers don't even help me. Hollywood took my writings from I have a really big problem and hackers/plagiarists are damaging my health, they are really damaging my private life. I even charged Barack Obama (US President) with a crime but police office didn't help me because he is the US President. I prophesy God's judgement day by God, it's the end of the world. I write.publish all my books by God with God's messages/orders, that's how/why Barack Obama is hacking my email accounts. Please investigate my problems. I'm going to have only one email account after I clean up my another account. Hackers are killing me badly. Please tell/contact me by Thank you. GLS

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    It sounds like your computer is likely infected, and is sending a record of what you do to the hacker(s) - so even changing your password won't help for long. You'll want a security pro to scan and clean your PC.

    Once you've done that, make sure you've got good anti-virus and firewall on the system. When possible, make sure all your software is patched. Also, make sure you are careful with which web sites you visit.

    After that, reset your passwords. Use a strong password generator. Something like PasswordSafe might not be a bad idea - it'll generate, encrypt, and remember your passwords for you.

    While you're changing your passwords, change your recovery options as well. If it's tied to a mobile phone number, verify the number is correct. Also, check the security questions for the "I lost my password" section - make sure that the questions and answers are not something that someone can just find by going through public records, etc. If you're really concerned, consider giving false or non-sensical questions. (ie "What was my mother's maiden name?" "Curious George")

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    Easy solution? Create new account. Tougher contact Yahoo and affirm your understanding blah blah. Study more about laptop protection. Don't retailer any private info or passwords on a computer! Set your settings to no longer do not forget your passwords. Close your browser(and reboot for better security) after any internet banking/comfortable website consult with. Plus Zone Alarm, Spybot Search and damage, are packages you must be taught about. Or get a new bf who can relaxed computer for you. PS i am to be had ;-) PPS it is going to or is probably not crook where you're... However if you have now not been abused, tires slashed and so on... Don't forget yourself fortunate. Plus you got out now as opposed to losing to any extent further time with an insecure bozo. Plus if rather tech savvy an investigation will reveal- nothing. Yahoo might say what handle was used when information modified... However that assumes you've a authentic investigation with authority to get the info from Yahoo. Or if you recognize a further hacker- lol. PPPS Did I point out I was once on hand? To fix your computer of direction! And afterwards we will speak... PPPPS will not let you know ways to get even. As that would be acting like he is...

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    Ok, Gina Serena or Gina Lee Shin, the world of hackers, they all know your real name now.

    One important reason is that you give away important personal data to the public!

    Never do that. Why you ever would tell the world and all hackers your account??? Not dumb, but STUPID!

    By doing this you gave the hackers already a hints to break in. All your books are full of your personal info.

    Delete these accounts.

    You probably used your pets name as a password in all of your accounts, right? So anyone could guess your passw.

    Btw: Yahoo, google, facebook and others are sharing your PW anyway, by a @%$#^%#^&$&* google service.

    Barock Obana is not hacking your account (I don't know about Mitch Rumbly :-)

    RULE #1

    Dont' ever use your real name or email address in any of your online conversations, like here on yahoo.

    Strong Advice:

    Don't drive yourself crazy.

    You need to learn the basics.

    after deleting your 2 accounts,

    Delete this question now!

    Never tell any details about your account, not even to your friends.

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    You have malware on your machine.

    Go to bleeping

    Someone there will help you to clean your machine.

    Complain to your ISP

    The best place to store your passwords is in your head.

    If Barrack Obama is reading all your Emails, then you are a so important and powerful person that you do not need to post your problem here. Just get one of your vast organisation to fix it.

    For the rest - see a doctor.

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    Obviously there is a keylogger or some sort of logging component on your computer which relays the new PW to the attacker once you update the account.

    You need to scan your computer for virus's and/or keyloggers to try and remove the infection.

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