How do i find co op education programs abroad?

I am an Electrical Engineering student living in Canada and wish to do coop education in my field in the middle east over the summer as a work term to gain hands on experience. Does anyone have any idea on how I should efficiently start looking?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Try looking for resources on your campus. There should be a abroad program that helps you.

  • erlene
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    4 years ago

    Alas, for whatever lower than a 12 months you *on the whole* have got to pay for your self. The motive is that these businesses just do not have the money to pay in your lodging, flights, stipend, etc, which is what your fee goes to pay. In case you were Canadian, I might help you - there are a number of companies (by way of the Cdn gov't) in order to pay so that you can work abroad. But if you're relating to the Peace Corps then I assume you're American, and therefor do not qualify for the Canadian programs. I might endorse watching into global Volunteer network. It's an group situated out of NZ but any individual who speaks English can apply. I've carried out plenty of research on working abroad and these guys are via a long way the cheapest program I've observed. It can be nonetheless a respectable institution and appear really excellent. There are numerous applications which you could prefer from, and the expenses may also be as affordable as $1,000 for 3 months - which covers transportation (within the country, now not flights), accommodation, meals, training, and so forth. You would also wish to look into Engineers borderless (EWB). They are high-quality and also you aren't required to absolutely be an engineer to be able to observe to their applications. They pay for you to go overseas and have quick and longer positions. However, you need to begin getting concerned in corporations like Oxfam, EWB to your campus, Amnesty international, and so on. They rather seem for any person who has been worried for a even as to exhibit their dedication. There's obviously an EWB chapter at your campus. Determine out their website. I'm worried with them and am not an engineer, so i know they're going to take different professional volunteers.

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