What do you think of this description of non-existent island?

I'm in grade 7 so not rude comments :)

This island is an impressive place to be. The neon pink ocean bubbles with excitement as it crashes on the violet sand. I walk onto the violet sand and feel the velvety sand touches my smooth feet. A polka dotted shark slowly glides through the shallow waters. Alarmed I scamper away from the shark. Now that I am out of sight tall palm trees shadow dances across the ground. Beach of Derp is right in front of me and that is where I see all the different contrasts of Vortex of Colours. Blue, purple, red, pink, orange and yellow, all the colours are mixed together which makes a miraculous sight. Frontenac Lake is the most known lake at Illanai because of its crystal clear water. I decide to dip my feet in, the water is freezing cold I quickly that my shivering feet out of the water. The baby blue sky is clear as glass, not a cloud in sight. The beaming rays of the sun overlook me. I just can’t help but smile. All kinds of insects scatter the floor beetles, ants, spiders. I listen to a group of seagulls screeching above me. Illanai has many exotic fruits such as mangoes, bananas and coconuts. I reach down and pick up a banana and savor the juicy goodness of the banana. A giant wave washes some jade coloured seaweed on the shore. As I take a step I hear a loud crunch, I look downwards and see a pile of seashells. Pieces of chocolate brown wood scatter the dirt. As the sun sets the shadow of the sun overlooks this magnificent island, I could stay here forever.

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  • 8 years ago
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    This sounds like an imaginary island but you were right to use lots of description. But remember, when writing a thesaurus is your best friend. Try and find lots of different synonyms for ordinary descriptive words. But for your age it's really good.

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    5 years ago

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