A funny sound coming from transmission?

I have a 2004 venture van and it's making a noise going from 20-70 km/h (12-42 mph) and doesn't seem as loud at highway speeds. It drives and shifts fine, but it's making a noise...kinda like a low growl. The tranny fluid is quite bubbley on the dipstick. Any ideas?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Foamy transmission fluid may result from improper automatic transmission fluid (ATF) level. If the ATF level has dropped too low, the transmission pump will suck air into the ATF. This will cause air bubbles in the fluid, making it appear foamy. Too much ATF may also cause foamy fluid. Foamy transmission fluid can also be caused by coolant mixing with the transmission fluid. This can happen when the transmission cooler in the radiator has started to fail. You may be able to detect the odor of coolant in your transmission fluid. If leaking coolant is suspected it is a good idea to check the radiator for leaks.

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  • bubbly fluid is not a good thing. the anti foaming agents in the fluid have broken down. it could be worth it to change out all of the fluid in the trans and see if that does the trick. the noise could be related to that.

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