I have a jealously problem with my boyfriend?

I hate him talking to other girls because i think he will fall in love with them and leave me ( I'm very insecure) also i hate it if theres a hot girl on tv stripping or naked because he must get a hard on from them… it makes me upset and i hate feeling this way! how do i stop it? :(

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well, first thing I have to ask you is, are you sure he "must" get a hard on from the hot girls on tv or are you assuming he is. What I do know is jealousy usually stimulates from trust and your own insecurities. And I say usually because like your situation, its any girl not particular ones. You're not trusting his feelings that he has for you, because you think they can be swayed. Even the girls on tv, which the chance of him even meeting them is 1 in a billion chance and nearly impossible that anything could possibly happen between them. I used to be the jealous type but I kept reminding myself of who the person is actually with. Your boyfriend is with you, after talking to the girls, seeing girls on tv, he's still with YOU. Not anyone else. I included a link you should check out, its not reputable or anything like that but it might help. One thing that's not on there that might help that I used to do that helped me is the next time y'all our out at the store or something and he's talking to another female, walk up to him and say you're going to go check something else out like if there's a new movie out or different make-up, whatever, give him a kiss on the cheek or the lips and walk away. Because your making a statement that he's yours which helps the jealousy thing but at the same time you're saying you trust him and you're forcing yourself to trust him. And you actually have to go look for whatever you say you're gonna look at. And the time which you should stay, cause I have a feeling you'll ask. Stay there till you're done then go back to him if he hasn't come to you yet. So if you're looking at a new shampoo becuase that's what you said, actually look at and smell the different shampoos until you don't feel like it anymore cause you like what you have or until you find one that you like more than what you've been using. And if he comes to you while you're still looking then good and if he hasn't then good too. Doesn't mean anything, because if he hasn't given you a reason not to trust him or be jealous in the past then you shouldn't really now.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    First no guy can get hard that quickly if that happens. Depends on his self control and I'm guessing he is older than 16 so he should have control and can look at a naked girl and not be hard within seconds. The other part, that's normal, if you trust him don't worry and continue to trust him. If not why are you with him if you think he is cheating all the time or will

  • 7 years ago

    Well you have to stop feeling insecure and know that hes your boyfriend because he wants you and no one else. Being insecure shows that you are not comfortable with yourself and u looked to be accepted by others! So start loving your self more and know that guy will be guys. Its a guys nature to talk to other girl as long as hes not trying to be with them! I also talk more about how to be more confident in your relationship with your bf in my e-book called secrets to attracting guys 5 tips revealed. I think you will like it and it will help you with this problem! But you better hurry and get your copy because you will be getting a special discount that will go up soon! Discover the secrets here http://psychotank.viralhosts.com/getaman/

  • Abby
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    7 years ago

    I don't think you would be getting these feelings if things were right. You would feel secure and loved. It's something about the way he's talking to other girls. It's something about him that is missing. Something about him is making you feel empty.

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