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Baby name Section : Quick survey PLEASE do!!?

Question 1 : What do you think of the name Ada Violet (for a girl)?

Question 2 : What are your top 3 biggest pet peeves in the Baby name section?

Question 3 : What do you think of the boys name Adam Bentley?

Question 4 : What level are you on, and what is your BA percentage?

Question 5 : What do you think of this sib-set : Lola Madeleine and Lila Magdelene?

Question 6 : Who are your TOP 3 favorite contributors in the Baby name section?

Question 7 : Who are your BOTTOM 3 (least liked) contributors in the Baby name section?

Question 8 : Do you go by any aliases? if so what are they?

Thank you SO much for answering.

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    1. Ada Violet is a little too modern for my tastes, but I still like it quite a bit as it's very pretty and sophisticated. Plus, it'll age fairly well and that's a very important factor that a lot of people on this site seem to forget about so it's good that you haven't missed it.

    2. My biggest pet-peeves:

    People who use boy names for girls

    - if you're not prepared to name your son Jane then you have NO RIGHT to name your daughter Aubrey.

    People who use babyish names/illiterate names

    - they're only thinking about their babies, they're not thinking about when their babies become children, teenagers, adults and elderly citizens. And if you want a "unique" name, that's fine. But please don't take an already legitimate name, misspell it and have the nerve to call the disaster created, "unique".

    People who can't take the truth

    - if you ask for opinions on your baby names or your real baby's name, then should expect to be given the honest truth. So it's rather embarrassing and unseemly for a user to flip out and have a tantrum just because their names weren't showered in affection.

    3. I love Adam, but Bentley... it's an Old English boy name that deserves respect, if only for its age, but it's used commonly in the present day by the most lower-class, trailer-trash people. So that's all I see when I look at Bentley... Overall it's a good combination, though.

    4. I'm Level 6 with 40% BA.

    5. I like them individually but as a sibset I think they're inappropriate. They're exactly 5 syllables each, Lola and Lila have only ONE letter separating the two and Madeleine and Magdelene are near-identical in terms of looks and sound so... they're not good together since they're practically the same name.

    6. Just off the top of my head (in no particular order): ♥Arianwen♥Eilir♥, ★Beautiful Melody★ and ♥ Ninja Robot ♥. Bear in mind, these are JUST 3, at RANDOM, and I love them all because they have a great taste in names and always, ALWAYS give fabulous answers.

    7. My least favourite users:

    Julie Albright - She asked a "Who's your least favourite user?" question a few months back, which is rude in itself. But then she proceeded to ask a string of questions specifically attacking the user Magnus and Joelle - TTC!! - formerly AbbeyJo. She's now disappeared, likely due to all the criticism she received.

    ♥Maci Adelyn♥1D 4EVA!!!!♥ - She has some of the worst girl names I have ever seen. They're illiterate, mostly gender-inappropriate and all around unacceptable and, while usually that wouldn't be enough to land on my least-favourite list, she actually had the nerve to attack my traditional names, and told me that people like me "shouldn't breed". And she was also rather rude to several other users, although it was hard to tell underneath all the misspellings and lack of proper grammar and punctuation. She, like Julie Albright, has completely disappeared in the last few days.

    cathrl69 - She hasn't really answered any of my questions rudely but, but she's very condescending and tends to dislike anyone on here who experiments with names without having any children as she often refers to the practice of - Collecting, not Expecting - as "naming our dollies". I don't think I've ever seen her give a single nice answer and, from what I can gather, she's had all of her children, she doesn't collect or experiment with baby names and generally writes in a way which would lead me to believe that she doesn't enjoy this site so... what is she doing here?

    8. I have no aliases. My name really is Mughain...

  • Talia
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    8 years ago

    Question 1 : What do you think of the name Ada Violet (for a girl)?

    It's cute, but I've never been too keen on Ada. It is short and sweet, but I much prefer Ava.

    Question 2 : What are your top 3 biggest pet peeves in the Baby name section?

    - Being ridiculed for using heritage names

    - People making false accusations

    - People that will type out a story about how much they hate the name you have chosen, instead of simply answering the question

    Question 3 : What do you think of the boys name Adam Bentley?

    I really like Adam. It is adorable and ages well. However, I'm not keen on Bentley as all I can think of is cars.

    Question 4 : What level are you and what is your BA percentage?

    Level 5; 18%

    Question 5 : What do you think of this sib-set : Lola Madeleine and Lila Magdelene?

    Far to similar and I am not fond of the name Lila Magdelene.

    Question 6 : Who are your TOP 3 favorite contributors in the Baby name section?

    I can't actually think of my top 3 from the top of my head, so I'll just list 3 usernames I can remember.


    -harlo (yes, you. Based off of your last answer on my question, I think you were quite reasonable)


    Question 7 : Who are your BOTTOM 3 (least liked) contributors in the Baby name section?



    -The Infamous Bunny

    Question 8 : Do you go by any aliases? if so what are they?


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. It's ok. It just kinda sounds off to me...I don't really know why though. I'm being so helpful lol

    2. 1. People who ask, "is my name pretty?" or some variation and then get all pissy with you unless you say it's wonderful. 2. The misspelled names. 3. The people who think any name can be unisex. (well, technically any could be. But that doesn't mean that they should be).

    3. I'm not a huge fan of Adam, and I really hate Bentley on people. My dog is named Bentley. That's all I can think when I hear the name...my dog.

    4. Level 5, with a 5% BA. I generally just answer the ones with lots of answers already, because they're usually fun:)

    5. I don't like Lola or Lila, they just sound so cutesy. Madeliene is ok. I don't really like Magdelene either. All in all, they sound pretty similar, which might make it a bit confusing.

    6. Idk, never really paid attention to names.

    7. Refer to 6.

    8. Nope haha:)

  • 8 years ago

    Question 1 - I love the name Ada, I think it's very beautiful and classic. And even though I'm not typically a fan of Violet, I think it does really go nicely with Ada.

    Question 2 - My number 1 biggest pet peeve, is when people ask for your opinion and then they go and take it all personally and make it seem like you were a total b!tch (when you weren't). My number 2 biggest pet peeve are the trolls that seem to be taking over this section. You know the type "What do you think of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dum for twins" and my Number 3 biggest pet peeve is the brown-nosers. You know the type "OMG that is a beautiful name" and it's the same for every single answer they give.

    Question 3 - Love the name Adam it is very handsome. I don't personally find Bentley at all atractive and it doesn't compliment Adam at all.

    Question 4 - Level 4 15% BA.

    Question 5 - Each name is absolutely gorgeous. But as a sib-set they are far to similar for my personal taste and comfort. Imagine calling "Lola and Lila" to dinner...confusing IMO.

    Question 6 - Mughain, Gabriela Ana and Dibs. (honorable mentions : Magnus and Joelle - TTC and Delphine).

    Question 7 - I don't have a bottom 3, mainly because I don't pay attention to that sort of detail.

    Question 8 - Yes, "Arianwen Eilir" is my internet alias for the most part. =P

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  • 8 years ago

    1) I love Violet and Ada Violet is a pretty combination. I'm not too keen on Ada, but it's a fresh alternative to the ever-popular Ava.

    2) I hate when people suggest trendy names! Also people pretending they are having children and smart aleck comments.

    3) I don't like anything about Adam Bentley. In my opinion, Bentley is waaaayyy too trendy. I've never really liked the name Adam.

    4) I don't actually know!

    5) Too matchy for siblings! I have always liked Lila Madeleine, so it's cool to see those names in a combination. Lola is a neat alternative to Lily and even Lila, but I'm not a huge fan.. I prefer Leila over Lola.

    6) No idea.

    7) No idea.

    8) I don't! This is my only one!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Gorgeous, classic and elegant.

    2. Misspelled names, boys' names on girls (there's no such thing as 'unisex) and made-up names.

    3. Handsome, classic, elegant, strong and will age well.

    4. Level 6, and my BA percentage is 25%

    5. Far too similar, and Lola is too much of a nickname. Madeleine and Magdelene are variations of the same name. That'd be like calling twins Isobel and Isabella. Charlotte Madeleine and Lila Matilda would be better.

    6. I have more than three favourites, but my top 5 (couldn't choose fewer) are Five Angels!, Four Girls!, Mama to 4 {Expecting Oliver in 2013!}, Mama Bear to Five and Lily Rose.

    7. I don't really have a bottom three, but I hate it when people impersonate other users.

    8. No

    - Ella :)

  • 8 years ago

    1. Love Violet, not keen on Ada.

    2. a. Too much negative judgment.

    b. When people love a name on girls then find out it was originally masculine & bash everyone who likes it for the "incorrect gender."

    c. When all the Baby Name Games get deleted.

    3. I like it but I would prefer Bentley Adam.

    4. 3? 2% :)

    5. Love everything about it but Lola is just okay.

    6 & 7. I don't really pay attention to tht.

    8. Nope.


  • Dibs
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    8 years ago

    1. I recently started to love the name Ada. It is feminine, classy, and uncommon. I am not too fond of the name Violet, but the flow of Ada Violet is stunning.

    2. The only real issue I have is when someone tries to tell me that a name that has recently became unisex, is too girly to use on a boy. I will use Avery as an example, since it is one of my favorites. Avery is the French form of Alfred. There is no way that Avery can even be considered unisex, when its English equivalent is 110% masculine. I learned not to let it bother me anymore, though. If someone wants to live a blind and ignorant life, let them.

    3. I really like the name Adam, but Bentley is very trashy.

    4. I am at level 3 and my BA percentage is 8.

    5. The names are way too similar to be paired together in a sibling set.

    6. Mughain, Vanilla Bear, and ArianwenEilir (in no particular order)

    7. I don't have any. If I don't like you, then I don't pay any attention to you.

    8. 'Dibs' is my only internet aliases. In some cases due to length issues or the name being already taken, I added a bit more to the name, but I always keep 'Dibs' in the name.

  • LOLeah
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    8 years ago

    1. Not bad. My husband's grandmother's name is Ada, which isn't to say I think it's too old fashioned...just that it IS older. I kinda dig some of those names though, my favorite is Eloise.

    2. I don't really have too many pet peeves about this section, other than the questions asking you to pick dozens of different names for different family scenarios. "What would you name a son, followed by twin girls, followed by another girl, then 2 more sons?" I have a hard enough time coming up with only a few names I would consider for my children, those questions are impossible for me.

    3. I like that name.

    4. I am a level 7 and my BA percentage is 13%.

    5. I like Lila more than Lola and Madeleine better than Magdelene.

    6. I'm not family enough with the section to have favorites.

    7. Or least favorites...

    8. No. This is my one and only Y!A account.

  • It's survey time! Yay! STAR :)

    Thoughts on the name Ada Violet?

    -- I really love Ada Violet. I love and adore both names separately and together they are just such a perfect pairing. I absolutely adore it and I think it's absolutely SO gorgeous! Aww it's just so sweet I love it.

    3 Biggest Pet Peeves in the Baby Name Section?

    -- My first pet peeve is people that are playing mommy. It's so pathetic to fake a family and fake kids. Like honestly, in this section we accept you no matter who you are as long as you're nice and kind. It's so stupid to fake that you have kids. I usually ignore it but it still bugs me. I was in this community for over a year before I got pregnant, and before I was pregnant, even though I was a teenager, everyone accepted me.

    -- Trolls. By trolls I mean people that are rude to other users. If one user asks a genuine question, they deserve a genuine response. That's the whole point.

    -- People that suck up for best answer. Whenever I genuinely dislike a name, I will tell the asker my honest opinion since that is what they asked for

    Thoughts on the boys name Adam Bentley?

    Honestly, I really dislike the name Bentley. I have no idea why, it just has never appealed to me. I love Adam<3

    What level are you on, and what is your BA percentage?

    I am Level 5 with a 25% BA.

    Thoughts on the sib-set Lola Madeleine and Lila Magdelene?

    I think they are way too matchy for siblings. I adore them separately but not together.

    Top 3 Favorite Contributors?

    Oh, I have so many dear friends in this section!!! How do I pick just 3 of them?! I like have an endless amount of favorite users! I will just list the first three that come to mind.

    -- Mughain: I love her style of naming, and I love how she always gives her genuine opinion.

    -- Four Girls!: I ADORE her naming style! Like every single name she asks questions about!

    -- *Lottie* Mama to Elodie Scarlett: I LOVE her answers, and I adore her daughters name. She's always so nice to me!

    I love so many users though! Hannah- Kellen's Mom, Mama to Jamie, Owen, Hudson and Izzy, The Infamous Bunny, Arianwen Elir, Ella, Char Has Graduated!, and sooo many more!

    3 Least Favorite Users in the Section?

    Well, hmm, I don't like to say I "dislike" anyone..... but I really dislike three groups of people

    -- Trolls

    -- Posers

    -- Fakers

    Do you go by any aliases? if so what are they?

    -- I do not.



  • 8 years ago

    1: It's old fashioned and uncommon! It's not my favorite name and I really don't like Violet but it does flow nicely with Ada.

    2: When people tell you that the names you picked for a girl are boy names; When people are rude; When people tell you the spellings you prefer are horrendous.

    3: Adam is a genuinely masculine name! Bentley has become a new fab all because of Maci off 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom. It's cute but since it's so popular, I'd never use it.

    4: Level 4; 9%

    5: I love the name Madeleine but all the others aren't my taste.

    6: I actually don't have any favorites, I love the people that post this or that questions or choosing the names for children or whatever type of questions!!

    7: I really don't like someone named Ella! She is the only one I've payed attention too mainly because she nails my pet peeves (listed above) right on the head!!!

    8: No, My name on here is dedicated to my daughter but otherwise I go by Sarah.

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