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Is the vast majority in a mechanically entranced state of hypnosis walking unconsciously?

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    People never stop to ask why they think the way they do.

    The movie industry is a multi billion dollar industry in America.

    American people enter a theater with the full knowledge that the Director and the Actors in the film are going to manipulate their emotions. They will leave feeling happy, sad, inspired,....whatever emotion the director is conveying, through carefully and well crafted mental manipulation.

    And, yet, many of these same Americans will deny that both the media and politicians would choose to employ such a tried and true method. They will deny the true purpose of the government use of tax payer money to fund sociological and mass psychological studies.

    Anyone who will deny that the media and the government do not manipulate the feelings, the emotions and, indeed, the very thought process of the American people has already fallen victim to the very process which they deny.

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    No, the vast majority are sitting unconsciously.

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    Ever since televisions became common.

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    Are not is. Yes and many of them don't even bother w. basic grammar..

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    Source(s): (Hey smudge ... you are not correct. 'Majority' can be either singular or plural. In this case it is singular. It's plural when used as in "are the majority of sheep fond of grass" munch munch)
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