What's wrong with my World Of Warcraft?

Alright so I have played the game for only a short while,I'm pretty sure its not time to pay the monthly fee yet...

But one day,about a week after buying the game,it came up that it was downloading something else(the same form as it downloaded in the first place) but instead the heading is "Mists of Pandaria) I know this is the newest game . But I have not bought it.

I can't play WoW. What the hell is going on with it? o.o

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't worry at all. The first week you played was likely a trial period, where you only got the un-expanded version of the game. The "Mists of Pandaria" download screen is just the Blizzard Updater, and that screen always shows the newest expansion and sometimes in-game events (heard of this, haven't seen it though), and it will always show that regardless of whether you bough the expansion or not. When the download bar is some way through, the bar changes color (I believe it's orange-yellow) and when that part comes, you should be able to play the game and continue to download the other game files behind the play screen, albeit at a far slower rate. After completely finishing all the files, the bar will turn green, and that signifies that everything is ready and at your fingertips. However, DON'T close the installer while downloading, this can cause file corruption, glitches, and, in very rare, severe cases, cause the game to become largely unplayable.

    Anyway, enjoy the game, take your time. So get out there and slaughter some murlocs ;)

    PS, whenever an update for the game is released, and I'm sure there will be lots coming with MoP, this will happen again although it should be much faster as there aren't as many game files to download.

    Source(s): I've played this game for a few years, this happens alot.
  • Ozoran
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    8 years ago

    Even if you don't own that expansion you still have the patches (which is what may have been updating) and that's why it says it's Mists.

    Everyone gets the patches because it's what the server is currently supporting and story-speaking it's the in-game world's current place in time, if that makes any sense. Old expansions are past history, some things from them have changed and no longer seen.

  • 8 years ago

    Mine just stopped working i am having the same problem i think the servers are down

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