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Easy 10 points: Will this boost my self esteem and insecurness?

Hi, I'm 23 years old. I am, still am afraid of the world, just sligthly... Meaning, I don't have that many friends, I am pretty introverted, I tend to distance myself and I fear for myself getting beat up by someone or protecting someone I love due to me being a fairly skinny guy.

I thinking of trying martial arts for a month or two to see how that goes. Because in my opinion, I find it very ideal knowing that I can find something that interests me since I am a very motivated person in doing the things I LIKE.

And I'm not thinking of using martial arts in a sense of beating up someone who throws a punch at me, but only using it for really life threatening situations. Because honestly, everyone sees me as a very quiet, laid back, gentle individual.

I already took an introductory course, and beforehand did research on which martial arts style to choose that I like. I also finally saved up money to take the lessons.

And one thing I tend to notice about myself is if I'm paying for something out of my own pocket, I want to get my money's worth. So I WILL excersise. Any advice?

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    Yes taking martial arts lessons will probably help your self-esteem and confidence.

    I did the same thing in my early twenties, and in addition to making me healthier and stronger, I started feeling better able to react to threatening situations. Just thinking and feeling safer made we look stronger and less likely to be attacked. Of course, you have to stick with the lessons for a little bit to get those benefits, so think positively about this, and make sure you enjoy your classes.

    Some clubs have different styles and approach, so it is worthwhile visiting a few before your actually join: some of them are more spiritual, some more about learning and performing the moves right, while others are more involved in sparring (physical combats with contact). All of them are good for you if you like that style and you will get the benefit of becoming stronger and getting better reactions even if you don't do full contact sparring.

    And finally, know why you are doing this, set realistic Goals with your instructor and Enjoy the journey !

    Source(s): I have a yellow belt karate, tried jiu-jitsu for a bit, didn't like the close contact . One of my son did karate for two years, the other Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-jitsu (he liked it )
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  • Lisa
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    Hi. She's not fishing for compliments. Anyone tends to believe what is repeated to them on a daily basis. It's such a shame that this happens all the time. The only thing you can do is be supportive of her. You cannot convince her with words. But you can be a good friend. You can respond with, "Well, I don't think so." or "They don't know what they're taking about." or "F them!" Ask her to not respond, in any way, other than "thank you for the compliment." when you are giving one. She needs to stop reinforcing those negative thoughts. Be aware though, if you don't see any improvement over time....this will eventually wear you down, emotionally. It's extremely draining, always trying to counteract the negativity. You can only be supportive so long before you find yourself being negative too. I eventually discontinued my friendship with my best friend in high school because of this exactly. And 20 years later, she's still the same. That's not to say that your friend will be, but it's also not to say that she won't either.

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