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Impacts on Canada on the Homefront?

What affected Canada on the honmefront during WW2

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    9 years ago
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    "Impacts on Canada on the Homefront?"

    Extreme. Canada's contribution and involvement in WW2 was gigantic.

    "What affected Canada on the homefront during WW2"

    From the 1930s Depression to 1940s production in high gear... everyone had jobs and the country was serious and sombre. Work weeks were six and a half days for some with sunday mornings off... the luckier got a whole day off per week.

    "Canadian industry produced over 815000 military vehicles, 52000 tanks and armoured gun carriers, 43000 field, naval and anti-aircraft guns, 1700000 small arms, 11 billion dollars of munitions, 16500 aircraft to fill Allied orders, chiefly from Britain & USA, but also for use by the RCAF and BCATP including Lancaster bombers and Mosquito fighter-bombers and night-fighters

    9000 boats and ships, Radar sets & Electronics, 2 million tonnes of explosives, Synthetic rubber, Uranium for the ’Manhattan Project'" [etc]

    You couldn't swing a beaver by the tail without hitting someone in uniform. Over 1.1 million Canadians were in uniform out of a population of about 10 million. Women got out of the house and did war work in factories.

    You would notice the odd German POW camp, Canada got the worst and the hardcore. It was relatively easy to get back to Germany if you escaped from a camp in Britain, only thing stopping you is the Channel... so the worst of the NAZIs and German trouble-makers got sent to Canada.

    There would be yellow planes flying everywhere... mostly training in the Prairies as flying in BC for example is treacherous at the best of times due to the mountains but foreign pilots were common across Canada.

    "Canada's contribution to the British Commonwealth Aircrew Training Plan involved almost 360 units and schools operating from approximately 230 sites not including relief airfields exceeding expectations: over 167000 students, including over 50000 pilots,four nations were trained as well as some 80000 ground crew, including approximately 17000 in the Women's Division."

    Added bonus, airports. Gander Newfoundland was the site of Bomber Command's cross-Atlantic ferry operation where they'd fly new planes made in Canada to Iceland then Britain for operations; Boundary Bay in BC an old BCATP training base.

    Rationing was harsh, everything went towards the war effort.

    Trading, selling and/or willfully damaging a tire in Canada - was illegal.

    Meat, eggs, sugar, coffee, tea, alcohol, clothing, textiles, fuel, and so much more was rationed tro tiny amounts, most going to help out Britain or to supply the military.

    Canadians of Italian and German descent were rounded up and internet in 1939 and 40, Japanese in 1942... most Italians and Germans had been released by about 1942 upon investigation, the Japanese were help without any charges against them being laid or proven for the duration, in their case no appeal.

    Civil liberties vastly curtailed [there is a war on!], communication heavily restricted and all correspondence censored, had to watch what you say lest 'the enemy was listening' and keeping in mind Canada was frontlines for The Battle of the Atlantic and The Aluetians Campaign in the Pacific that fear was very real.

    Fact is you could be a Saskatchewan farmer's wife, thousands of miles from an enemy air base...

    on air raid warden duty:

    Guns began appearing in the strangest places; on Vancouver park tennis courts near the harbour, parks around Halifax. You could stroll the Stanley Park seawall and accidentally stumble into the middle of a full scale seaborne landing practice on Kitsilano Beach.

    Hope that helps :)

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    9 years ago

    RATIONING so that others in the world could have more.

    Receiving news of the death of their husband father mother son daughter fighting over there for some other family to be free.

    ]There are many books in the library for this. Suggest you look at the old newspapers from this time and do a little of your own school work.

    For your assignment related to Rememberance Day.

    Talk to an older person

    Play this just before bed or while you eat dinner

    imagine your grandmother lives there or a close friend your brother your classmate

    Before you click the first link turn up the volume a little and close your eyes

    Open wide get ready to eat o go to bed the radio is on. The news comes on

    How was your dinner sleep well?

    Take a break go to movie at the start of the movie they would show the news People did not have television

    OH enjoy your movie and Popcorn

    Enough bad news let party its Christmas are still enjoying your dinner did you have a nice sleep?

    Open your presents and do what you do. The presents are small we do what we can

    The family goes to a movie as a Christmas treat.

    MORE NEWS first before the movie starts it's Christmas it's happy news

    Enough of this spring is coming mom is in the kitchen

    This what you saw when you went to a movie theater or read the newspaper

    Enjoy your dinner and pleasant dreams.

    It was a hard time people were frightened. Do some resarch in a library the old newspapers are good for this Do not read about D Day read the day before.

    Pick days at random to get a feeling of day to day

    Many videos on you tube

    The others have given you very good links check them ALL it will take a while but this went on for YEARS @Shawns is really good..

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    Canadians were much harder hit on the home front just like Britain and came in early unlike the lazy overindulgent American pricks who came in 3 years late and sat at home on their lazy asses scoffing all the food they had while the rest of the world worked their backs off and almost starved.

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    What Needful Sinner said.

    Plus this: Link -

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    Renjiro, what has this got to do with TRAVEL? You could research this yourself, you seem to know your way round a computer.

    By the way, your in violation of Yahoo Q & A Guidelines.

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