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Can visitors in china have access to Internet?

I'm going to china in a few days (Beijing, Shanghai and a couple other cities). I'm from Canada and I was wondering if at the hotels and stuff if the guests have Internet access? Thanks!

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    Most hotels in most cities around China have internet access, even the budget hotels. Some hotels will have a pc in the room and others will gladly supply a pc for a small extra charge. Nearly all of the budget chain hotels; 7 Days Inn, Welcome Inns, Home Inns etc have free wi-fi access, also 1 or 2 pcs in the reception area that can be used by guests. It's commonplace for bars and coffee shops to have free wi-fi available for patrons, if the access code is not on the table, just ask the waiter.

    Don't forget to buy a plug adapter for charging and also don't get too frustrated with the slow internet speed and the unavailability of some websites. Have a great trip!

    BTW, I live in China.

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    Yes, my son went to Beijing and Shanghai last year and had internet access in both cities at the hotels. You can always check online before you go at whatever hotel you are staying at to be sure. Check their website or even email them to ask.

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