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What battles was Canada involved in ww1?

Can somebody please give me the answer in a short paragraph....thnks

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    Canada raised a large number of troops and sent them (contrary to what has been posted). The CEF fought in almost all the major battles - it would be easier to compile the battles Canada wasn't involved in. A few were: Ypres, Vimy, Somme.

    The Canadian War Museum has a good site on Canada and WW1.

    For the *** that say Canada didn't exist or have an army, a little history lesson is in order. Canada, with a population of approx 7,879,000 saw 64,976 killed in the war (including those who served in the Royal Newfoundland Regiments which was not part of Canada at the time).

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    Canada they would of been in the same trenches with the rest of the British Empire. Fighting and dieing alongside the British, The Australians, The Indians, and the Africans.

    Source(s): Year 8 history.
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  • 8 years ago

    Does Canada even have an army?

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