NASA plans to build a large donut shaped space station.What must be its rotation speed?

NASA builds a large circular space station.. The station will rotate in space to simulate gravity. If the station has a radius of 200m what must be its rotation speed in revolutions per minut, to produce an artificial gravity of 0.8g?

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    8 years ago
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    ' We had men on the Mars, We had men on the moon and We can take E.T home!' by Bob Dean, US military high rank.

    What NASA are trying to build is not a Space Station or some sorts of Robots. They are working with 4 different types of E.T now. they are Annunaki, Grey man , Replicated Human looking Robots.

    these all could be confirmed by reliable evidence.

    some truth human dont know .

    in the year 1969, US landed on the moon and told everybody nothing on the moon.

    but actully, they brought back the wreckage of ancient human spaceship which could date back to 100 million years ago. and many ancient cities been found on the moon and mars.

    there are civilization on the mars now, they are called ' Annunaki, which human looking alien, they are similar to aryan race, german' actully, they are the ancestors of german. USA have a military base on the moon, people dont need to travel to mars by spaceship but a teleportation device called ' Jump gate' which located in Nevada states, US.

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    8 years ago

    This idea of a rotating space station to simulate gravity was abandoned very soon after men first went into space, basically because (a) it isn't necessary and (b) it doesn't work. No one is seriously bothered by long periods in free fall, and rotating space stations disrupt the inner ear, leading to nausea.

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