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Is your opinion of attractive different from other people's? For example, I think Tom Cruise is yucky?

As well as Brad Pitt when he was younger and Leonardo DiCaprio. I don't think I have a specific type I like (there are many), but these guys specifically whom many ladies find hot are not attractive to me at all and never have been.


Was it something I said... :[

Update 2:

I suppose it all depends on who you're trying to attract. Looking like Brad Pitt would make me very uninterested. Just look like you and see who likes it, IMO.

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    Well, i dont find them attractive but i do find them more attractive than what the new generation think is hott. (for example, justin beiber, one direction, the new spiderman guy) i like men. Hair, tattoos, roughness, uniqueness

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    A little bit.

    I prefer brunettes, which is less common than preferring the other hair colors. Bust size has no effect on how attractive I find a woman, which is apparently unusual (though I'm still not sure if other guys care about it as much as they pretend to). We all have personal tastes, and moreover, these are all physical characteristics and are easy to see past.

    I'm not sure Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio have much in common other than being widely regarded as attractive, though. Maybe in your case, you're just a natural rebel: instinctively rejecting whoever your told is supposed to be attractive. That's probably a positive quality :)

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    I used to think Tom Cruise was attractive, then he went and jumped on that couch and ruined EVERYTHING! I've always found Brad Pitt appealing, but funnily enough it's more because of the quirky roles he plays and what I've seen of his personality, rather than his looks.

    I find a broad range of men attractive, from the slightly chubby to the athletic. It's their personalities that are generally the same. Quick-witted, intelligent and playful.

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    Oh Aggie, I happen to love the movies that these actors have made, and it's how well they do what they do that makes them so attractive too. These happen to be a few of my favorites here that your picking on, so I had to come to there defense. ;) I don't imagine I will ever be with one of them, but I do happen to know a few men that resembles some very nice looking actors. Some of the ones that you mention and more. Just saying..there are so many good-looking men out there in all walks of life, I am sure you won't have any trouble noticing your type when you are ready.

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    I agree with you. I don't find any of the three to be attractive. I only thought leonardo dicaprio was attractive in Titanic. I'm attracted to guys with piercings and tattoos so yeah, I guess my opinion of attractive is a lot different from society's.

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    I can see why people find them attractive, but I prefer more ordinary, "natural" looking guys. Perfection is overrated. Although I do have a female friend who has a much more warped view of attractive than me.

    For example, she once looked at the best picture of her I've ever seen and she hated it, and chose a much worse one instead (that made her look incredibly fat). I found it impossible to understand that we were looking at the same photo. I wonder what makes us think like that?

  • Yes.

    Brad Pit used to be attractive when he was in "Fight Club" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". I don't think any of those people are attractive now. In fact, I don't find any actors attractive at the moment. But I do like me some athletes.

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    :D....D: <---my expression(went from happy to sad)

    It's cause I was happy that I don't have to look like brad pitt to be hot but then sad because then I thought about it and...I don't know how to look hot! At least when I thought brad pitt was hot it was a clear goal. Look as close to him as you can and you're set. But if every woman has different tastes then I can look hot to one but then be "not attractive at all" to others.

    But if I like someone, and they don't like me because of how I look then that hurts ):

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    I don't think it is that different. You many not find the actors you listed attractive, but there are probably others who you do find attractive, and who a lot of other people find attractive too. It may not be the majority of people, but if you find someone attractive, chances are, there are others who would find him/her attractive too, even if they are not conventionally attractive.

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    8 years ago

    We are all like that. I don't see anything in George Clooney or Brad Pitt, I like Christian Slater.

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    8 years ago

    Yep! Everyone has different tastes. I personally think Tom Cruise is hot, even now as a middle aged man. I agree with you about Leo, though.

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