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Dog rescue tips????? URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!?

So I woke up this afternoon with the barking of a dog that my dad found half frozen outside our house. He looked lost and very sick so we brought him in. I live in Canada, and the winter environment is too harsh for pets. We are assuming he is lost , so we called the city of Calgary to dispatch an animal control officer. They said it will take about 1-3 hours until they arrive.

right now, I left him inside the washroom and its warm there but can't let him go around the house since he's sick and that my sister also has a fear of dogs (she also locked herself in the room).

Are there any tips that any dog experts can give me to make him comfortable until the officers get here. They said not to feed him but maybe give him some water but i dont know how. He is barking right now once in a while , so is it ok for him to be locked in there for a few hours? By the way , he is sick and sneezes alot.

Your tips would be really really appreciated


By the way , this is how the dog somewhat looks like.

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    I live in Canada - and while Calgary temps have been pretty cold lately, hes probably suffering more from exposure (winds + cold temp ). I would give him some food - if you have some soup , why not.

    PRovide a warm blanket on the floor . And beyond that, leave him alone or stay with him, whatever you want.

    Barking - well, he wants out not surprisingly. And sneezing - he could have an upper respiratory infection - none of these things are life threatening.

    Yes, its fine to leave him in there - but he may chew or become destructive, so ideally, keep an eye on him.

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    He's probably still in shock of the cold. Wrap a few warm water bottles in some towels and place them around him so it isn't too warm all of a sudden, but creates a nice atmosphere. Do give him some water, not too cold, but not too hot. Make sure the house isn't too quiet as that is a sign of danger (at least in a dog's eyes), but don't make a huge racket. Don't look at him directly, and when you give him the water don't come from above, but below his muzzle. I pray that the dog will be okay :]

    Edit: Also, don't give him too much food, but just a little bit. because they will test him and sometimes they can't do that if the dog has a full stomach. Sometimes they react badly to the food and it can worsen their symptoms. Best Regards!

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    Give him water and make sure he's warm. I'm not sure why they said not to feed him but if he looks skinny or hungry I would give him a little food. He should be alright in that room but make sure he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't. Just try to keep him calm and maybe sit with him for a while so he doesn't try to get out or get freaked out.

  • He'll be fine in there until he gets picked up. Give him some water and maybe an old blanket. But it's just like a kennel, he should calm down soon too

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  • Give him warm water or broth. Bland diet like rice and chicken. Poor little guy. Someone is probably worried sick about him.

    Source(s): previous post about a missing dog and the people are visiting from out of town, wondering if the dog may have headed home....
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