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If our troops are ready to enter battle for Israel and fight for Israel and destroy Iran?

why doesn't Obamby order it

Our heroic troops are the tip of the spear of justice

They will obey the Bible and die for Israel even


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    We are Americans, and are our soldiers only loyalty is to defend the United States of America and its people.

    Our troops obey the orders of their Commander in Chief, nothing more or less. We are not religious zealots trying to purge the world of evil anymore than we are evil imperialists trying to convert the world to our paradigm.

    The other matter is that Iran is a very well defended country. If we decide to go to war, it's going to be long and bloody, in a time where most americans are already exhausted of war.

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  • wanita
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    4 years ago

    war mean destruction. it may be prevented by all fee. even however Israel is an extremely violent regim. that's thirsty for blood. Now. that's attempting to instigate war with Syria. in the previous month Israel have poked Syria two times, it was hoping Syria could respond, hence it provides Israel a suitable to weave a war. additionally it desire to wreck Iran. because of the fact Iran unlike each and every of the Arabic coorupted chief stands up & divulge Israel each time they avoqe human rights. right that's a catalogue why israel should not be supported by u . s . a million. Israel demonstrates that it has dispositions in the direction of the same ethnocentric fascism shown by Germans in the 1930's attempting to maintain a "in basic terms German state." 2. Israel is a violent state, it began out in 1946 King David hotel bombing, while an valid zionist leaders planed to kill British severe score officers who oppose the corporation of an unlawful state. 3. Israel has a violent historic past, it had wars with all of its associates. Broke human rights & makes use of unlawful wapon which includes cluster & phosphorous bombs 4. There are 4 million Arabs whose daly life interest is controlled by Israel. jointly as tel aviv refuse to nicely known them as human. on the same time Israel claimed dot be a democratic state. ( PLO is a humorous tale, they haven't any authority ) if something PLO activity is console the severe dense populated are, the place the IDF do not desire to be.  4. Israel isn't a member of the NPT, it keeps secretive nuclear warhead progression. 5. AIPAC  is the 2nd maximum efficient foyer in the US. It diverge million of tax payer $ into helping the zionist regime. in addition to,It pushed the yank administration to initiate a war with Iraq, dropping American tax $ and American youthful lives.  & now doing the same situation with Iran

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  • Gazza
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    8 years ago

    Because it goes against international law. The Bible isn't international law. There would have to be a mandate from the UN.

    Christian/Jewish lunatics are just the other side of the coin to Muslim lunatics.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    our troops will go wherever they are sent.

    It is up to the politicians to make sure it is worth it...

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