Question about Gossip Girl Season 5?

1. What happened to all the people going to college?

2. Are Jenny and Eric off the show for good?


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  • TB
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    8 years ago
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    1. Good question, it was never really explained. The only character so far confirmed to have graduated is Nelli-Yuki of course she is a minor character and it was said during this season that she graduated a year early so if they would have stayed in college they all still would have been in college this season except Chuck of course. Pretty much the writers wrote that part out of the storyline. Serena got the job in California so that's why she didn't go back, Blair was to become a princess, and Nate began working and running The Spectator so that hardly left time for college. Plus all 3 are young adults of means who didn't necessarily have to go to college in the first place. Jenny and Eric are in college in London, they will likely be the only two that graduate although the show will be over by then.

    2. Jenny and Eric will be in the series finale, season 6 episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO"

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  • wanita
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    4 years ago

    definite, 5 season will start up in September 2011, the actors have already signed a settlement for 5th season and there are additionally new characters which will connect the known forged on next season. The episodes of season 4 are 22 in complete. suitable now they are aired purely 17 episodes. there remains the spring wreck of the CW television shows, 4x18 will air on Monday April 18.. very final season would be on May16 with 4x22. bye :)

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