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Info on Israel situation?

I am really interrested about that happens in the world. But can someone tell me about Israel? I've heard that other countries don't like Israel and that there is a lot of terrorism? Why? And what's going on with them? thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Israel is the lamb of the world.

    There are many who hate her and want to see her blood spilled.

    There are a lot of explanations for that.

    Israel represents western colonialism to the third world population.

    Israel represents success and prosperity to the countries around her which have none.

    Israel is a cause of distraction for the ones away from her, such as Iran, which uses it to confuse its population which wants to replace their regime, and to confuse the Arabs which they want to take over.

    There are many old school antisemites which hate Jews because it's their tradition.

    There are many European liberals which hate Israel because they think Arabs are the underdog.

    Israel is considered the front post of America, so those that want to strike America but fear to do it directly, will try to strike Israel for that effect.

    There is not a lot of terrorism going on in Israel.

    There are a lot of activities around Israel by those that try to do it harm, but Israel is preemptively striking and preventing, and providing its citizens with a safe environment.

    If you wanted to come and visit you would be perfectly safe.

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