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which hard drive should i get when ordering my macbook pro?

I am looking to order a 13 inch macbook pro, but I am not sure which hard drive to chose. I mainly do internet surfing, essay typing, I want to get into photoshop, and photography. So which hard drive should I get?

750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm

1TB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm [Add $100.00]

128GB Solid State Drive [Add $100.00]

256GB Solid State Drive [Add $400.00]

512GB Solid State Drive [Add $900.00]


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    The SSD drives are usually for highest speeds for overall boot and operation. You are paying extra (significantly) for them so I'd suggest not those.

    I'd suggest, personally, to get the 750 GB and save the $100. If you get serious in terms of needing extra storage it is simple to purchase external drives when and if you really need it. I currently have a 256 GB drive which has 24,000 pictures which I take on my many travels. I still have over 70 GB free and I do a lot of gaming.

    I use external NAS drives for backup as needed.

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    The strong State force is quieter, a little turbo, uses much less vigor, is proof against magnets, and is extra resilient in opposition to bodily damage. Nonetheless, it's immensely more pricey and does not present as so much room. In case you are most of the time a cautious character the Serial ATA HDD should be perfectly adequate, and as a movie scholar I think you are going to improvement from the additional space. Do not forget to purchase an outside drive for backup!

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