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How long can Canada hold off a full military attack from the United States?

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    7 years ago
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    The Americans couldn't beat Viet Nam, it took them years to beat Iraq (sort of) and have been in the Afghanistan quagmire for 10 years. What makes you think they could defeat a developed country?

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    That's like telling your best friend I could kick your butt - no matter who the 'winner' would be they still look moronic saying it or doing it.

    To suggest the USA would entirely trash their rep as the 'fighter for democratic principles' by attacking an ally of all nations, a fellow founding nation of NATO no less is ludicris.

    In turn you get the US fanatics entirely ignoring the fact the USA is not self sufficient in such things as fresh water, electricity, oil and get that and so much more from Canada; having crazed Canucks do scorched earth seems rather self defeating and it would really be the USA vs Canada and the rest of NATO. Canada won the war of 1812 with a heck of a lot less.

    To suggest Canada is a warmonger who would backstab a friend goes against the whole history of the two countries.

    Canada could easily hold off an attack because the whole world if not by alliance then certainly in world opinion would be screaming blue bloody murder in the USAs direction... it's a rather large country.

    As it happens if anyone attacked Canada the USA and UK would be right by our side... just as if anyone tried taking on the USA they would have to take on Canada also [all of North America, plus NATO].

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    I honestly think it would be the biggest mistake the U.S could ever make. Not because of Canadas' military power, but because nearly every other country in the world would come to Canada's defence, many of them just itchin for a reason to actually get a punch in, with a justifiable cause. No doubt the States are far superior to most countries in military strength alone, but I don't think there'd anything more than one bigass pile of smoldering dirt where the U.S used to be, probably get split up between asia and the middle east, Canada and Mexico will get assimilated as well and the new supercontinent will be called Saudi Chimexica! Way to go

    Or, we'd just shut off the oil pipeline, close all Tim Hortons south of the border and quit lending you all our snowblowers in the winter and you'd all be F'd!

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    I'd say roughly 6 months minimum

    It really depends how brave the leaders are.

    Canada might say, we have 11 aircraft carriers we need to get rid of. We get rid of that we get rid of almost the entire Air Force and a huge chunk of the Navy. Lets fire 33 torpedos at all the Aircraft Carriers.

    But the U.S might be like, we can't be that cruel, think on how we'll look. Destroy the 2 submarines closest to us and doing us the most damage.

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  • 7 years ago

    Depends on where we decided to send the F22's in from and what infantry division is called up to hold the area. Minutes. Maybe less. No country has seen a full military attack since WW2.

    Source(s): Army Infantry
  • J
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    7 years ago

    Why would we have to? Last time I checked we were both members of NATO, partners in NORAD and likely two of the largest trading partners.

    Outside of the size and capability difference of the US military and the Canadian Forces, Canada is the second largest country in the world.

    Another fantasy question of X vs Y.

    Source(s): Former member Canadian Primary Reserves Infantry
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    opposite to a pair beliefs, our "boomer" subs are a lot more advantageous sensible that you may want to believe. in basic terms the considered them obtainable is sufficient to grant questioning human beings a pause ... a twin of those which Russia has. in the 1950's, we were questioning plenty about a nuclear attack from u.s.. Air raid drills were notably instantly ahead in faculties decrease back then. notwithstanding it appears like our protection stress replaced into as a lot because the job. I not in any respect had to duck and canopy for actual once. hey ... we've already been attacked! undergo in thoughts 9/11?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No Allies involved at all? just U.S and Canada? All of our Military and their Military against each other? Honestly less than a year.

  • Joe
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    7 years ago

    these days it could hold an american attack for 6-12 hours before complete destruction and canada will become the 51st state.

    unless of course they receive help, which any enemies of the U.S would gladly help them

  • 7 years ago

    1/2 an hour.

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