Catholics, have you heard of the Anglican scholar N.T Wright........?

If so what do you think of him.............?


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@Toffee, what do you think of him based on the links??

Update 2:

@Zog Blaster,I dont think he believes in soul sleep. And he's an Anglican Theologian,not an Evangelical

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    I hadn't. I've looked him up (I'm not watching youtube videos), and he seems like an earnest enough scholar, working away outside the Church. His stuff on Paul looks okay, and his general acceptance of most traditional Christian views (as opposed to post-reformation stuff). His rejection of the gnostic idea that our souls are trapped in our dirty human bodies is good, and his rejection of the cartoon fluffy-cloud Heaven is pretty obvious. His view that Revelation describes current worship fits with Catholic teaching, although he seems to get very confused about Heaven.

    His propounding of soul sleep is a heresy, though, which you'd expect a few of from someone working outside the Church. As is his rejection of the immediate judgement. I guess that, since he is arguing against Evangelical Protestant ideas, without the grounding of Catholic ideas, he can be expected to swing to another extreme. It's like he's rediscovered that the texts don't support the Evangelical view, but in his excitement at his own theories hasn't really thought through the broader implications.

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