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Is it possible that the President of the USA is not chosen by the people of the US, but outside of it?

"Now" - said the Jesuit - "listen to me for a few moments and I will tell you what I know. Your President is elected by the conclave of cardinals at Rome, the same who elects the Pope. Your people nominates the candidates. Our confidential agents select from the number, the one whom they believe to the most favourable to the interests of the Church...He - of course - is always elected".

From the "Jesuits to the American", J. Wayne Laurens, 1855 (before Lincoln's assassination).

American Patriot and Historian.

Do the 'Orders' (Malta, Columbus, Shriner's, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones, etc) officiated by the Jesuits, and the Federal Reserve Bank (also officiated by them) have any leverage in the Election?


Michael - These are not "theory", but Historical "facts": Lincoln was attempted to be assessinated 4 times and he confided he feared the Jesuits would ultimately assessinate him.

Update 2:

JohnnyK - Yes, but that allows me to have the head OUT of the soup and see the meat and the potatoes inside the pan... by which you are drawn.

Update 3:

Mr. Hayter - Thanks. At least someone with open eyes. Check Obama's sponsors (Brzezinski and others; all prominent in the CFR and Catholics, Jesuits Coadjutors, like Clinton).

Update 4:

TerryT - Since YOU mentioned it, remember this: the Antichrist MUST build the Third Temple in Jerusalem and CONTROL the whole World from there. THAT is the ultimate goal of him, for a length of time equal to 3.5 years. It MUST control the most powerful 'democracy' in the World. How would it do it? Slowly, gradually and from its basis. Read the changes that happened in the last 2 centuries in the USA and analyze them.

Update 5:

? - Thanks, but 'money' does not 'get things done', only 'people' (remember 'guns don't kill people...'?) The illusion of the illuminatti being a Jewish thing is also false; it was a creation of the Jesuits, who trained Weishaupt. Read 'The Vatican Assassins" and other literature.

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    The closest example we have is the courts elected Bush in 2000.

    Even after the courts ruling, when it was found Gore won BOTH the popular and the electorate, the courts ruling still trumped the voice of the people.

    That was the day I lost faith in American democracy.

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    since most of our corporations are multinational now and the money they pour into our elections has been given the rule of law from the highest court in the land also moneys to the elected officials outright I have to say yes, because if lobbyists are spending millions of dollars annually someone is doing what they want done or they would not continue to spend such amounts. but history has shown this to be true 1790 ad Mayer Amschel Rothschild made the following statement from his bank in Frankfurt, Germany, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

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    Only to the extent that outside money is involved in the elections. If you want to talk "religion" though, what about this...

    When Democrats nominated a Christian with an African name, Republicans bore false witness and said he was a radical Muslim.

    When Republicans nominated a Mormon who believes a horse-thief read golden tablets our of a top-hat with magical glasses, that black people are cursed, wears holy underwear, that Satan is Jesus’ brother and God lives on a planet named Kolob with his many wives, suddenly religion doesn’t matter. Which is it??

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    Some foreign billionaire buys the election by owning all the voting machines and rigging it

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    Another Canadian trying to get in. Are things truly so terrible up there?

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    Anything is possible. Your theory is unproven!

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