Can you pick a name, and rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, and explain why?

1- Zachary, Zacharie, Zakery, Zach, Zack, Zac or Zachariah

2- Meagan, Megan, Meghan or Meaghan

3- Charles or Charlie

4- Charlotte, Charlee or Charley

5- Abigail, Abby, Abigale, Abbie, Abigael or Abbey

6- Brittany, Britt, Britney, Britty, Britnney or Britnie

7- Dylan, Dillon, Dillan or Dylon

8- Cole, Kole, Colten, Kolten, Colton or Kolton

9- Alexander, Alex, Alexandre or Alejandro

10- Nicholas, Nicky, Nick, Nicolas or Nikolai

11- Maliyah, Maliah, Malia or Maliya

12- Kendra, Keindra, Kendrah or Keindrah

13- Katie, Kate, Katy, Katelyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn or Katelin

14- Katherine, Catherine, Katarina or Catarina

15- Tatiana, Tati, Tiana, Tia, Tatianna or Tatianah

16- Krista, Kris, Krissy, Kristah, Kristta or Krissta

17- Johnathan, John, Johnny or Jonathan

18- Nathaniel, Nathan, Nathen or Nathenial

19- Susan, Susanna, Susie or Sue

20- Mai, May or Mae

21- Dakota or Dacota

22- Jack or Jacques

23- Robin or Robyn

25- Elizabeth or Elisabeth

26- Jessica or Jessika

27- Simon or Cymin

28- Eujene or Ujeen

29- Samantha, Sam, Sammie or Samuelle

30- Kimberly, Kimmy, Kim or Kimmberlee

31- Stefani, Stefanie, Stephanie or Steph

32- Stephane, Stephen, Stefan, Steven or Steve

33- Loraine or Lorrayn

34- Lee or Li

35- Derrek, Derek, Derreck, Dereck, Derick or Derrick

36- Carl, Karl, Carlos, Karlos, Carlo or Karlo

37- Natalie, Nathalie, Natalia, Nathalia, Natasha or Nathasha

38- Holly or Hollie

39- Molly or Mollie

40- Eve, Eva, Evelyn, Evie or Evaline

41- Madeline, Madison or Maddie

42- Georgia or Georgina

43- Mary-Kate or Marie-Kate

44- Ashley, Asheley, Ashelie or Ashlee

45- Julie or Julee

46- Brandon or Brendan

47- Leigh or Leegh

48- Kylie, Kyley, Kylee or Kyleigh

49- Miley, Mylie, Mylee or Milee

50- Jaime, Jamie, Jaimee, Jamee or Jaimie


@The Singularity- I'm actually Jewish, and you didn't rate any names, lol!

@Jenna- @23, is Jackson or Jaksson, and 24, is Robin or Robyn, lol!

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  • Jenna
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    8 years ago
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    Whoa, those are a lot of names. I'll try to give an explanation for as many as i can, but if i don't give one, it's simply just because i like that spelling best, and there's no other reason why.

    1. Zachary - every other spelling looks feminine and i don't like the short version for a full name

    2. Megan

    3. Charles. Charlie can be the nickname for Charles as a kid

    4. Charlotte. When you see Charlee or Charley, i'm pronouncing it char-lee instead of shar-lee

    5. Abigail

    6. Brittany. all other spellings look trashy

    7. Dylan

    8. Colton. i don't like the name Cole, and Kolton just looks bad.

    9. Alejandro

    10. Nicholas

    11. Maliya

    12. Kendra. all other spellings look complicated

    13. Katie. (i like Catey also)

    14. Katarina

    15. Tia. i don't know why, i just don't like the name Tatiana

    16. Krista. (i like the spelling Krysta)

    17. Jonathan

    18. Nathaniel, and Nathan for short

    19. Susanna. i personally don't like any of these, but Susanna is the best out of them

    20. Mae

    21. Dakota

    22. have you ever thought of the name Jackson? i don't like Jack or Jacques

    23. Robyn

    24. (where's 24? haha)

    25. Elisabeth. love the spelling with an 's'!! :)

    26. Jessica

    27. Simon. when i see Cymin, i think of Cumin.. lol

    28. Eujene

    29. Samantha. i don't like Sam or Sammi

    30. Kimberly

    31. Stephanie.

    32. Steven

    33. Loraine

    34. Lee. Li looks very Asian. but if you are Asian, then it fits.

    35. Derrick

    36. Carlo

    37. Natalie

    38. Holly. again, i don't like either. but Holly looks better

    39. Molly

    40. Eva

    41. i don't like any :( i like Madelynn though

    42. Georgina

    43. Mary-Kate. Marie-Kate just sounds very weird together.

    44. Ashley. all other spellings look trashy

    45. Julie

    46. Brendan. love both names, but Brendan is at the top of my list :)

    47. Leigh. Leegh just looks sloppy , i don't know.

    48. Kylie

    49. Mylie

    50. For a boy? Jaime. For a girl? Jaimee

  • Emmy
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    8 years ago

    1. Zachary (nickname Zac or Zach)

    2. Meghan

    3. Charles (good for an adult but Charlie is still a good nickname)

    Okay I quit.

  • 8 years ago

    Not to sound racist or anything, but I am assuming you must be from Caucasion decent because these are all typical Caucasion names. In fact they are all pretty common names. I know as a mother you want your child to be unique and stand out. I would suggest you mix the name you like with the dominant race or ethnicity and then give it a spin. Guarantee it will be uncommon or unique unto itself...I feel baby naming should be completely up to the parents with no outside help. Unless it a $$$ thing or a tradition like Arthur IV or something. I know my answer wasn't what you was looking for but I love being unique. Heck, name your baby a common African American name or Asian name. Whatever rocks your both. Whatever you name your baby, I wish you good luck and a healthy child! :-)

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