Which Nabokov novel should I read next?

I just finished Lolita, and I absolutely loved it! I'd like to read more of his books. I was considering 'Ada or Ardor'. What do you think?

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  • Roger
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    7 years ago
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    That is a good one, although my personal favorite is _Pale Fire._ It offers more intricacy than _Lolita,_ has a touching story (arguably two touching stories), and is wholly and completely and astonishingly original. In my experience of reading world literature there is nothing exactly like this anywhere. You will find the same manic humor as in _Lolita,_ with a narrator who makes one feel as divided as Humbert Humbert; the verbal games are as ingenious as those in the earlier book.

    _Speak, Memory_ is not a novel but is also a first rate work.

    _Pnin_ is a sweet and sad novel, somewhat slighter than _Ada_ or _Pale Fire._ It is an afternoon's reading.

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