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Am I going behind my friends' backs?

I've made some new friends last year in college and we hang out quite often since we all live on campus. But this year my friends have a suitemate that they started hanging out with. Everything was good at the beginning but they're starting to have some issues- my friends and their suitemate. Now their suitemate comes to talk to me about their problems and arguments. She doesn't talk that badly about them to me but she does talk badly enough about them and I'm more their friend than hers. I don't want to seem like an instigator or 2-faced by telling my friends what she tells me but at the same time I feel like it's, in a way, going behind their backs if I listen to what their suitemate tells me and not tell them? What should I do? I don't like being in these situations

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    your not going behind anyone back as long as your intentions are good. for instance my best friend and his girlfriend are always talking about their issues to me, but i usually only tell them what the other said so they don't keep arguing. so if you explain (calmly) what the suitemates point of views are on the argument and why they are upset then it is not two faced at all. as long as you don't talk badly of anyone then it is fine.

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    I go through the same situation all the time!! All I say to them before they start talking about another person is that I am friends with said person and that what you tell me won't be said to them, but in the same respect what they say about you wont be told to you either. You know what I mean? That way they can't get mad at you and you won't be going behind anyone's back. You're just being a good person (: good luck!

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