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Men over 30, I have a question for you?

Do you think it is rude, even if drunk, to accuse a woman of being a virgin or ask a woman if she's a virgin.

Scenario: "Hey Jane, you're a virgin! I know you are !"

(said outload infront of Jane's friends by someone who doesn't know her that well)

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    l would have replies to the d-bag, 'Yeah, it takes one to know one'

    Don't worry, l am sure everyone knows he's and ignorant a $$

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    I'm a 45 year old male and yes that is rude and clearly shows the maturity of whoever said it. Next time you should reply with: Why yes I have not found any guy yet who does not have a pecker bigger than a Vienna sausage. Then walk over to him and give him a pat on the back. Always twist an embarrassing moment back on the shallow person. :) Take care.

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    Yes, that would be rude, but I would prefer a virgin in the first place. I'm not going to have sex until I get married, and would prefer likewise.

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