Is my flash drive a SSD?

I wanted to know if my Lexar® JumpDrive® TwistTurn USB Flash Drive drive

was a solid state drive or not because I wanted to defragment it with Auslogics Disk defrag pro. but don't know if I should use the SSD option or not.

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  • 8 years ago
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    No it is not the same as an SSD but they use the same technology.

    So you want to defragment a Flash Drive? Are you crazy? You'll shorten its life. SSDs, SD cards and flash drives don't need to be defragmented. They have limited number of writes. They work differently from hard disk drives.

    Google search about lifespan of SSD, SD cards and flash drives.

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  • ender
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    8 years ago

    OK. It works on the same principle. It is flash data, there are no disks inside. This means you don't want to defragment it. The purpose of defragmenting is to move data closer together, on a hard drive disk. Flash data is random access, and has no speed boost based on location. This will only serve to wear out the drive. You would choose the SSD option.

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  • n/a
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    8 years ago

    No you F'n dumbsh!t

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