please read through and give me your opinions am i the only one who thinks this?

i miss music back in the day but i especially miss rap back in the day....i just feel it was more real back in the day for example

2 PAC-----only time we chill is when we kill each other.

It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other

lil wayn-----Cut your tongue out, mail it to your moms

I'm the young god, swagga un-flawed

***** I'm in the buildin', you in the front yard

(rhyming random words together is not talent if it were that easy i should become a rapper its more rap for little boys i think ... random rhymes in random sentences read it again you will realize how stupid it is

now so far i think i have proven my point but lets talk about the way they dress young rappers now a days dress like 12 year old boys but back in the day music was more about talent then its was having an image...rappers back in the day dressed normal lil wayn on the other hand was wearing pink zebra pants and bunny don't get me wrong these new rappers obviously do have some talent but its now more about advertisement then its so easy to become famous and if you don't believe me look at how famous jersey shore got for acting like drunk idiots

oh and one more thing auto tune i want real beautiful voices not fake auto tune voices...if these singers have talent why use the auto tune ....i miss Aaliyah, TLC ,Michael Jackson,johnny cash jimmy Hendrix you agree or am i the only one who thinks this

and to really prove my point here are two different videos of lil wayns deposition and 2 pacs deposition...if you don't wanna click the video ill explain to you what 2 pacs deposition he was mature classy and gave the man respect even tho he got a llitle annoyed at the man asking him questions he stayed calm and acted like a grown little wayns deposition he acted like a 10 year old boy he was disrespectful the whole time he did not even have the decency to look at the don't get me wrong the questions that little wayn was asked might have been a little moronic...but he is a grown man there's no reason for acting so child like ......young girls see this and think thats sexy and there is nothing sexy about a man acting like a child our generation is getting worse and worse

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    in the end lil wayne does what he wants which in my opinion is ok. people dont need to live up to anybody but themselves. lil wayne may have some corny lyrics at times but he does spit out good bars. and music isnt always about real ***** shyt. its okay to have fun with it so in the end what does it matter. nothing in this society has to be serious 100 % of the time. and just because u choose one of tupacs realest lyrics doesnt mean he didnt come up with some stupid stuff too or disrespectful. dressing "normal" is boring people can wear what they want style changes all he time, so in the end thats not important. jimmy hendrix barely sang so he doesnt count. but there r alot of good singers out there today. everybody takes this new music vs old music to another level, things change get use to it

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